Why Are There Holes In Throwing Knives

Someone recently came to my blog by googling the question above.  Unfortunately, the post they came to didn’t have the answer, so I also searched for the answer but couldn’t find anything in the top search results that really answered it.

So, in case that dude ever comes back — and in case YOU are wondering — here are a few reasons why knife makers put holes and slots in the handles and even in the blades of their throwing knives.

  1. Because it looks cool!  See for example, the SOG throwing knives or the Ninja Stealth silver throwing knives
  2. To secure cord-wrap or handle scales on the handle, like on the Cold Steel True Flight
  3. To take away weight from one end of the knife and make it more balanced for consistent rotational throws.
  4. To attach a streamer to the back end, like on some of the ninja kunais you see online.

NOTE:  There can be very good reasons for those holes (some practical, some aesthetic), but keep in mind that holes in the knife can weaken the structural integrity of the knife and can eventually lead to bending or breaking at that point of weakness.  The SOGs are notorious for this sort of thing.

I hope that helps.  Yes?  No?  Let me know in the comments section below…