What Should My Lead Foot Be Doing While Throwing Knives?

A reader asked this question this morning.  I’m sure there are other opinions about this, but my opinion is that when you throw your knife, you should be sure to keep your lead foot (the foot that’s in front, pointed at your target) planted firmly throughout the throw, and keep it there until you’ve assessed how your knife stuck and whether you need to move forward or back or throw from the exact same spot.

Before retrieving your knives from the target, be sure to take one last look down at that lead foot to remember where you want to stand when you come back to throw again.  You may even want to put a marker of some kind (stick, sheath, Snickers bar) on the ground to mark that spot.

Consistency is everything in knife throwing, and “finding your distance” is a key element to accurate throwing.  There is more to it than that, of course, because you can stand in the EXACT same spot and throw six knives, and some will stick parallel, some will stick handle up, some handle down, and you may even bounce one…all from the exact same distance.  So there’s more to it than distance alone.

See also the post on how to stick your knives every time for more info.