Top 5 Carbon Steel Throwing Knives That Don’t Break

Show of hands…

Who started out with shiny, cheap stainless steel knives when they first started throwing?


Yeah…me too.

Another show of hands…

And who got really fricking irritated when half of those knives got bent and/or broken tips on the very first day that they started throwing them?

Yeah…me too.

So now, who’s ready to get some throwing knives that don’t break so easily? If that’s you, then what you want to do is put out just a little more money and buy some knives made from high carbon steel. Those knives won’t be so shiny, and they will rust pretty quick if you leave them outside where the moisture can get to them.

But they ain’t gonna break on you any time soon.

Cold Steel Throwing Knives

If you’ve been coming around this site the past couple years, then you already know that I’m a big fan of Cold Steel throwers. They’re big, heavy, tough throwing knives. I’ll be honest…they’re not very pretty, at least compared to the stainless steel jobs put out by United Cutlery and Boker. But what they lack in purtiness, they more than make up for in durability and performance.

Those suckers are built to last.

Cold Steel has four main throwing knives in their lineup…

  1. True Flight
  2. Perfect Balance
  3. Sure Balance
  4. Pro Balance

These are heavy duty, carbon steel throwing knives, and you’re going to be happy with how well they hold up.  Yes, CS also has a new “Sport” line of smaller, lighter carbon steel throwing knives, but reviews are mixed, and they just don’t seem to be as high quality as these ones.

I’ll be looking into that…

But for now, check these out.

1. Cold Steel True Flight Thrower

The True Flight has a thick paracord grip wrap that is tight as a mofo. If you read reviews on Amazon, you’ll see that some folks had trouble with the cord coming undone, but I’d bet you my liver and left nut that they were throwing multiple knives AT THE SAME TARGET, and they nicked their True Flight’s cord with an incoming knife.

Word to the wise…

If you have multiple throwers and one has a cord wrap…don’t throw that one first. Or better yet…throw each knife at its own bullseye. You’ll keep that wrap from getting shredded.

And you should probably follow this advice for all your throwers…one knife per target will make your knives last ten times longer, since they won’t be banging into each other all day.

The True Flight is just about the best-selling throwing knife on the planet. I’ve written up a full review of this knife already, so I won’t cover that here. You can just go read my review for more info on it.

2. Cold Steel Perfect Balance Thrower

Another excellent thrower from CS. This knife is big and heavy. Well, maybe it’s a lightweight compared to many custom throwing bowies and stuff like that, but as far as assembly line, commercially made stuff, this one is a beast.

It’s got plastic composite scales on the handle, so as with the True Flight…don’t throw multiple knives at the same target if you want those scales to last.

Common sense, folks.

But the knife itself is big, fat and durable. It will not break from regular throwing.

I also own this one and have reviewed it elsewhere, so if you’d like, you can go read my Perfect Balance review too.

3. Cold Steel Sure Balance Thrower

If you’re looking for the most durable throwing knife for the money, then this one is it right here. If I’m wrong, please hit me up on the Contact page and let me know what other throwing knife in this price range is tougher.

It’s basically just one big ass piece of carbon steel, pointy on one end and butt ugly on the other. My god, what an ugly throwing knife haha. But it’s a brute, and it’ll take all the punishment you can dish out. It’s the longest and heaviest knife in this group, making it maintain its accuracy at longer distances and allowing it to really sink into your target.

I guess it is kinda beautiful, when you look at it like that! 😉

Anyways, if you’re tired of grinding out knife tips and replacing broken knives, try this one out and let me know what you think. Here’s more info on the Sure Balance.

4. Cold Steel Pro Balance Thrower

Last we come to the Pro Balance. Why is it last of the four? Because I don’t like it as much as I like the other three…but that’s just me. It’s a good throwing knife. Solid. Perfectly balanced for spin throwing. Durable carbon steel.

But I just don’t like how it looks. It looks like a knife for circus performers (my apologies to all the knife throwing circus performers out there…you clowns ROCK!). Anyways, I’m just not crazy about the look of it. Nuff said.

And yes…I have a more in-depth article on here about this one too.

5. Condor Dismissal Thrower 14″

Yeah, I did mention in the title of this article that I’d talk about FIVE knives, so here’s the last one: the Condor Dismissal Thrower (aka Condor Dismissal Tool). The Dismissal comes in 12” and 14” sizes, and yeah…bigger is better. This is another heavy hitting, durable carbon steel throwing knife.

But I’ve heard that the very tip is prone to breakage, simply because it is tapered down to such a fine point. So I guess even high carbon blades aren’t indestructible, so be aware of that possibility if you’re considering this one. I haven’t done a review on it yet. Someday I’ll buy it and take it for a test drive, but that’s not super high on my to-do list right now.

Sorry ‘bout that.