Throwing Knife Review: Cold Steel Pro Balance Thrower

Cold Steel Pro Balance Thrower ReviewThe Cold Steel Pro Balance Thrower is strong, hefty throwing knife. Its heavy weight and sharp dagger like point combined with its great balance make it quality knife for any thrower.

I’ve seen this knife go for as little as $16.99 on Amazon!

Features & Stats

The knife weighs in at 16.5 ounces. This heavy weight makes it feel great in your hand, and the weight will help it stick solidly in your target. Additionally the knife is 13 ¼ inches long and blade length is 9 inches.

The blade edge will be sharpened already, so don’t assume that it’s dull just because it’s a throwing knife.

You’ll notice right away the similar shape between the Pro Balance and the Sure Balance.  The main difference is the handle. The 4 1/4 inch handle consists of composite plastic scales held in place by screws and is designed to be replaceable.

How do you order replacements?  I have no idea.  You’d think it would be listed as an Add-On on the Pro Balance page on Cold Steel’s site.  But no, they only list the sheath as an add-on.  So after searching unsuccessfully on their site, Amazon, and on the web in general, I contacted Cold Steel and am awaiting a response.


You will give this throwing knife high marks for its durability, its balance, and its solid weight. Overall the knife feels great in the hand and throws accurately with proper balance. Since it’s evenly balanced at the midpoint, it throws well whether you hold it by the blade or by the handle.

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Despite the positives of the knife, there are some concerns with its weather resistant coating and its plastic handle scales.

The baked-on coating gives the Pro Balance a sleek, black look; however, with repeated throws, that coating starts to wear off at the point, leaving the steel exposed to the elements, which over time could cause corrosion.

Additional concerns come from the fact that the handle of this throwing knife is made of a composite plastic which can easily break or crack. The handle is designed to be replaceable — which may account for its lack of durability — but some knife throwers think it still feels cheap.

When those scales break, some guys decide to use the knife without the handle at all; however this throws off the knife’s balance and is just lame.  Either make your own replacements, or order new ones from the manufacturer.

Or, here’s an idea:  stop throwing your knives in your garage or out on your driveway where they are going to bounce all over the concrete.  And maybe start with softer targets on that first day, while you’re trying to find your distances and get a feel for the rotation (like I recommend in the article, “How To NOT Break Your Throwing Knives”).

Overall, the Pro Balance is a great piece for any enthusiast or professional. The merits of the solid weight, good balance, and even rotation more than make up for the minor issues the knife has.

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