Throwing Knife Basics

After seeing Jason Statham’s throwing knives in the The Expendables or some of the high quality blades at a local Renaissance Faire, the interest in melee weapons has no doubt peaked in recent years. With entries from such companies as Cold Steel and SOG becoming higher quality and more attractive, the interest in throwing knives is definitely increasing.

Getting Started With Throwing Knives

As there are throwing knife sets on Amazon for less than 10 bucks, it is not that hard for anyone to get into the hobby. Although they are affordable, care needs to be taken when using throwing knives; all of the usual warnings apply to the weapons, from taking all appropriate cautions to making sure that training is done on a regular basis. With throwing knives there are some additional issues that need to be debated, especially if the knives are meant for children.

Make Sure You Are Legal

A first issue is that it is advisable is to check out the legality of throwing blades in your area. Although some areas tend to give the knives a pass, other jurisdictions tend to dislike any form of weaponry, especially if there have been problems with concealed weapons. In general rural areas are likely to have fewer issues, and urban areas are likely to have them on the banned lists, but check out the local laws to make sure. Also, they are going to have to be stowed away in checked-in luggage if they are to be transported any long distance.

Safe Practices

When you first start practicing with the knives, keep in mind that the knives are sharp, and so take precautions to make sure that you are not cut by the blades. Like any other weapon, do not make the mistake of assuming that they are safe for the wielder. A thrower may want some masking tape to provide a better grip on the knife. Make sure that the target is soft until you get used to throwing it; cork boards make for the perfect target, and harder woods may cause a poorly thrown knife to bounce off. Beginners tend to make a number of mistakes, and so try to allow for those mistakes when you are first starting.

A Few Good Points About Knives

Throwing blades are a good weapon for beginners to learn; they teach basic respect, they do not take up a lot of space, and they can be practiced in the back yard. As such they are fun for almost anyone to learn with. If the person is unable to handle them, then they are unlikely to be able to handle any other weapon. These should be one of a person’s first weapons in order to insure that the person can handle them responsibly. For those looking for weapon that does not require ammunition, does not jam, and can be used in a variety of scenarios, these are a great weapon to start with.