The Expendables Kunai Throwing Knives Are Pretty Wicked

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The Movie Was Awesome

Lee Christmas Kunai throwing knives
Jason Statham plays “Lee Christmas,” a knife throwing mercenary in “The Expendables” movie.

For fans of action movies, The Expendables movie was a shot of adrenaline into the genre that hadn’t been seen in years. With so much pulse pounding action and intensely choreographed fight scenes, it was enough to make any fan want to pick up a few new tricks. The film’s resident knife nut, Lee Christmas (played by the actor Jason Statham) had one of the shiniest skills also:  throwing.

Learning how to plant a knife tip first in a stationary target, much less into a moving one, is not an easy skill to learn. It takes a lot of patience, a lot of practice, and at least a modicum of talent. However, it does help a lot to have the right tool for the job. It’s for that reason that those who want to become not just good, but deadly with a throwing knife might want to check out United Cutlery UC2772 Expendables Kunai throwing knives, which are a replica of the ones used in The Expendables.

The Knives Are Wicked Awesome

These knives are made of anodized stainless steel that’s been blackened, and the grips have been wrapped in rough cord. Each of the three knives has a round finger grip ring, and the sheath can attach to a boot or belt for an easy carry option.

The Expendables Kunai may be just like the ones found in the movie, but this knife is no rubber prop, and it’s certainly not a toy to play with. Those points are lethal sharp right out of the box.

The ring might take some getting used to, so these are probably better reserved for spin throwing, simply because of the design of the handle.  Still, this is a decent quality set of kunai, and even has a collectible attraction about it.

They are nicely-balanced, have nice length and weight compared to the cheaper kunai out there, making them fairly good for beginners. The blade is longer than you’d expect – with an overall length of 12 inches – making this half-pounder one of the larger kunai throwers out there.

These are pretty damn good throwing knives, but…

The Tips And Cord Grip Are — EXPENDABLE

The tips are pretty long and taper down to a thin point, though, making them susceptible to breakage if not thrown properly.  And as mentioned already, it can be an awkward knife to throw no-spin — especially Thorn-style — because the ring tends to interfere with your release.  But for regular spin throwing/rotational throwing…they’re just fine.

And then there’s the cord-wrapped grip.  Looks awesome…til you throw them a lot and the cord comes undone.  Nothing new here.  We all know to expect that from cord grip throwers.  Just have your electrical tape ready and you’re good.

 (Sold as a set of three throwing knives)

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