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Cloves Hunger Games Throwing Knives Review

clove hunger games throwing knives
Click image to see Clove in action on YouTube…

Whether or not you liked The Hunger Games movie adaptation, you have to admit that the knife throwing bad girl Clove made the movie a lot of fun to watch.  That one girl turned a whole generation of girls (and quite a few boys) onto the hobby/sport of knife throwing.

There was a lot of speculation about which throwing knives Clove used in the movie, but the best attempt to ID those blades came from Liz “Sleepwalker” on Tumblr.  I’m not completely sure about Liz’s Trademark/Whetstone ID (the holes in Clove’s handle look slightly larger than the Trademark ones), but her other picks are spot on.

If you want to learn how to throw knives like Clove, then you probably also want to have the same knives that Clove used in The Hunger Games.  And you can buy Clove’s knives very cheap on Amazon.  Personally, I think they’re a little small for serious throwing, but if you’re a fan of the movie, you’ll obviously want to get them.

All of these knives are pretty small (6 to 8 inches) except the Mini Bo-Kri (10 ¾ inches), are made of stainless steel, and are available in sets (so you get more knives and at a lower cost than purchasing them individually).  They also come with nylon sheaths, except the Mini Bo-Kri, which comes with a leather sheath.

Trademark Whetstone Throwing Knives

These are the pretty generic looking throwers sheathed at the top of Clove’s vest.  There are tons of similar knives from different manufacturers, and like I said above, it’s difficult to tell which of them it is.  This one has 5 holes in the handle with a slight taper at the back with a square back edge.

United Cutlery UC0926 Lightning Bolt Throwing Knives (long slot in handle)

cloves throwing knives slot handle

United Cutlery UC1255 Lightning Bolt Throwing Knives (holes in handle)

There are a couple styles of the Lightning Bolt throwers, but these are the ones Clove used in the training center.  The ones above — with the long slotted handles — are visible in her vest.

United Cutlery Gil Hibben Small Cord Grip Throwers

These knives throw really well.  I have the larger version in black and absolutely love them, but Clove had the smaller, silver ones.  Comes as a triple set with sheath with individual pockets for each blade.  I did a full review HERE.

Boker Magnum Bailey Mini Bo-Kri Throwing Knife

This is the throwing knife that Clove held to Katniss’ throat.  Designed by the legendary John Bailey, this is a crazy wicked looking knife.  Only evil people have knives that look like this.  Clove was evil, so if you’re kinda evil too, then you probably want this knife.  The single knife is about $20 or less, but buying the triple set will save you at least 10 bucks.