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Cold Steel Gladius Thrower Has Arrived!

Cold Steel Gladius Thrower review

Finally, the new Gladius Thrower from Cold Steel is available for purchase!  Many of you have been eyeballing this one online and waiting for it to drop…well, it looks like the time has finally come.

At a Glance…
  • Weight:  10.7 oz.
  • Overall Length:  14 inches
  • Blade Thickness:  5 mm (about 1/5 inch)
  • Blade Length:  8 1/4 inches
  • Handle:  5 3/4 inches
  • Steel: S50C tempered steel
Check out the Cold Steel Gladius Thrower (Triple Set), Gladius Machete and Medieval Buckler (links below)…

Features & Stats

Constructed of S50C tempered steel, it measures in at a gigantic 14 inches.  No other Cold Steel thrower matches its size, except for the massive CS Torpedo at 15 inches (the hefty CS Perfect Balance comes very close…13.5 inches).

But all that size does not make it the heaviest thrower in Cold Steel’s lineup.  In fact, only the True Flight is lighter.  At 10.7 ounces, the Gladius Thrower is almost an ounce heavier than the best-selling True Flight yet lighter than the Pro Balance, Sure Balance and Perfect Balance.

(NOTE:  Okay, actually the new Sport series released last year has some relatively lightweight knives…nevermind.)

Blade length is 8 1/4″, which makes this thrower blade heavy, so expected uneven distances between your full spin and half spin throws.

That light handle, however, is specifically designed to accomodate paracord wrap or even handle scales, if you’re so inclined, and the blade’s steel is soft enough for sharpening, making the Gladius Thrower a versatile and potentially functional knife.


Take one look at the new Cold Steel Gladius Thrower and you know that thing is a medieval beast with its broad Roman point, inspired no doubt by the gladiators of old (and have you seen the the CS Gladius Machete?  Hmm?).  And like the other Cold Steel throwing knives, this one is durable and fun to throw.

It is not evenly balanced like some of your other throwing knives, but you just need to practice to find and dial in your distances…no different from learning to throw the Perfect Balance or G.I. Tanto.

At 14″, the Gladius will also qualify it to be used in knife throwing competitions.

There’s one more thing that should be pointed out:  take a look again at that handle.  Notice anything?

That’s right…it’s tapered at the end of the handle to make it possible to get a butt-stick on a bad throw!  That’s a great feature to have in any tactical situation.

For competition, though, they won’t count that.



This is a pretty sweet throwing knife, and it has a very unique design, at least compared to the other throwers Cold Steel has produced…it really stands out.  Actually, this even looks a bit like an unfinished Kit Rae knife!

The only grumble I have so far is that this one seems a bit light for its size.  That’s where the blade thickness makes all the difference.  A little more thickness would have given the Gladius Thrower enough mass to make it a true long distance thrower.  A 14″ throwing knife weighing in at under 11 ounces just doesn’t feel as solid as I’d like, but that’s my personal preference.

All said, Cold Steel’s long-awaited Gladius Thrower (80TG) is a solid addition to their lineup and is sure to be a hit with any serious knife thrower.