Naruto Kunai Throwing Knife Set Review

naruto kunai ninja throwing knivesThe Naruto 9 Kunai Uzumaki throwing knife looks just like the ones used by Naruto Uzumaki in the manga series.  It’s a 9” black stainless steel blade with the distinct, shovel/spade shape and finger ring at the end of the handle that kunai knives are known for. The handle is wrapped with a black, nylon cord to give a good grip. The blade itself is not sharpened, but the tip is pointed.  And it comes as a 3-piece set.

These ninja throwing knives come with a nylon sheath that can be attached to your belt. With an overall length of 9 inches, it’s a decent sized throwing knife for beginners.  These are longer than other Naruto throwing knives, so they are easier to control, and the added weight helps them to stick more easily.  It is well weighted for optimal flight and glides straight and true, but most importantly — there are none of those annoying tassels seen on some of the smaller Naruto throwing knife sets.

Overall, it’s an affordable throwing knife set that fans of the TV show and video games will be happy to add to their collection of Naruto gear.  For serious throwers, it might be considered more of a novelty item than a high-performance knife.  But it does fly better than most of its peers; the other Naruto knives are just too small and light to be taken seriously.

As with all cord-wrapped handle throwing knives, the cord is likely to start unraveling as soon as another knife comes along and knicks it.  But that’s fairly easy to repair or replace with tape; the knives perform pretty much the same with tape or the cord on there (but having nothing at all — just the bare metal — could throw off the balance slightly).


The Naruto Kunai throwing knife is named after a ninja warrior created by manga artist Masashi Kishimoto. Young Naruto Uzumaki, a resident of Hidden Leaf Village, has had a demon, the Nine-tailed Fox, sealed inside his body. His father sacrificed his own life to do this, in order to save the lives of the villagers.

Naruto has dreams of becoming the greatest ninja warrior in the land, but as a troubled orphan, and one who holds a deadly force within him, he is ostracized by the villagers. Despite this, Naruto is able to conquer bad school grades and his enemies and becomes the highest ninja warrior in his land.

What? The Naruto Kunai’s Not Big Enough For Ya?

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