Knife Tag Game On Youtube – You’re It!

Empty Threats 42 plays Knife Tag on YouTube
Empty Threats 42 starts a game of “Knife Tag” on YouTube

In June 2013, YouTube knife thrower EmptyThreats42 started a game of “Knife Tag.”  He taped the names of three of his knife throwing friends on YouTube onto wood targets and threw three knives.  Whoever’s name gets stuck by a knife is “it.”  Well, he stuck all three bullseyes — tagging Fast Action Blades, Epic Blade Time, and Redline Bo — and the game of Knife Tag had begun!  Then those guys made their own videos and tagged other knife throwers, and so on.

To make it more challenging, whoever gets tagged has to do a different throw than the previous guys.  We started by throwing from different distances, but that will only allow for so much variation.  Perhaps as the game evolves, we may start doing trick shots or just start a new game.

Below are links to Youtube videos of all the knife throwers who have been playing along.  Thanks to ET42 for starting this whole thing, and thanks also to all the guys who’ve been playing the game and dragging their friends into it!

As more videos pop up, I will add to this list.  Please let me know if I’ve missed any…

UPDATE:  Some of the vids have since been deleted.  Sad face 🙁

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Knife Tag Game Participants

Empty Threats 42

Fast Action Blades

Redline Bo

(video deleted)

Epic Blade Time

(Deleted due to messed up audio.  Maybe Roger will redo?)



Redline Bo


Empty Threats 42



Fast Action Blades


TheCombat KnifeThrower