How To Make A Throwing Knife Wood Target Board?

I guess there are tons of possibilities here.  Don’t spend a lot of money on brand new lumber, bolts, nuts, washers, hinges, etc. at Home Depot.  Remember, your goal is to destroy this thing by throwing big, heavy knives at it.  So just use the cheapest wood and nails you can find.

For my first knife throwing target board, I used recycled 2x4s and old, used nails that cost me a fraction of what HD would have charged me.  It was basically like a picnic table that I’d lean up against the back fence along my house.  You can just do the same or lean it up against a tree in the backyard — or living room — or whatever.

Here’s how I made it…

knife target board

Step 1

Lay out six or 8 2x4s side by side, with the edges flush to each other.  Nice and tight.  Cut the ends if necessary to make them all the same length.  Six feet is an excellent length.

Step 2

Cut up another 2×4 into three pieces of equal length for cross beams.  These will hold everthing together.

Step 3

Nail them all together, using plenty of heavy duty 4″ nails, but try not to place them too close to the edges to avoid splitting the wood.

knife target board 2

Step 4 (optional)

Now flip it around and nail or bolt log rounds (4-6″ thick) to the front of the target board.  Use these as your actual targets to spare the 2x4s from wearing out too quick.

Step 5 (also optional)

Paint bullseyes on your targets (while they’re lying flat on the ground).


Well, that’s about it, really.  I highly recommend adding the log rounds.  They’re gentler on your knife tips, and replacing them is a lot cheaper and easier then replacing 2x4s.  Bulleyes are a nice touch, although if you’re just starting out, getting the knife to stick anywhere on the board at all is an accomplishment.  My first board had no targets to aim at.  By the time I was good enough to give a rip about accuracy, my board was already shot to hell, so it wasn’t really necessary.

Have fun!


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