How To Clean And Store Your Throwing Knives

I recently came across an interesting tip about properly storing your throwing knives (and other knives as well) on an old thread on BladeForums, so I figured I’d share that along with a couple other common sense tips on here.

3 Simple Tips For Cleaning And Storing Throwing Knives

1.  Always scrub and wipe down your knives after each throwing session.  Use a damp rag to get all the dirt off, and then use a dry one so the water doesn’t sit on the blade.  Last, be sure to leave it out to air dry until it is thoroughly, completely dry before putting it away for storage.

2.  Apply some protective oil to the blade to prevent rusting.  Protective lubricants are available in most weapon shops.  Any throwing knife will benefit from this treatment, but those with higher levels of carbon (i.e. non-stainless steel) will benefit most.  However, don’t just stick that oiled up blade back in it’s sheath.  Leave it out for a day and then wipe it down the next day.

3.  Do not store your throwing knife in its sheath for extended periods of time.  This is the tip that I hadn’t really thought of, but I immediately felt stupid for not thinking of it.  It’s kind of common sense, especially if you live in a more humid climate like I do.  Moisture and oils can build up in the sheath and if the throwing knife is in contact with it, then that will promote corrosion.  So store your throwing knives in their box or using some other open air method.  I remember watching a video of knife throwing champion Mike “Alamo” Bainton where he showed some of his throwers hanging on pegs or something like that.  Now I realize the very practical purpose for this.

Okay, I hope that helps you take good care of your knives…