Cold Steel True Flight Is The Perfect Tactical Thrower

Cold Steel True Flight Thrower the perfect tactical throwing knife

If you are looking for an affordable, yet high-quality throwing knife that offers true tactical value straight out of the box – whether handheld or thrown — the Cold Steel True Flight is the knife you are looking for.

The True Flight is comfortable and perfectly balanced when thrown either from the right or left hand.  It’s a hugely popular throwing knife with more positive customer reviews than any other large throwing knife on Amazon!

No other throwing knife in this price range even comes close.

Features & Stats

The 6 3/4″ blade is made of strong 1055 carbon steel and is 5mm thick. The 5 1/4″ paracord wrapped handle is easy to keep a firm grip on under all conditions, yet it doesn’t interfere with your release when thrown.  As with all Cold Steel throwing knives, this one has that flat, blackened coating that helps to resist corrosion.

The knife weighs 9.7 ounces and fits comfortably in the durable Cor-Ex sheath it comes with.  I would prefer a more rugged, custom shaped EX-sheath, like the ones that come with the awesome tactical G.I. Tanto and the ninja kunai-styled Shanghai Shadow, but oh well.  At least it comes with a sheath, and at least it’s not just a cheap nylon one.

Overall length is 12 inches.


Besides being a great thrower and tactical knife, the True Flight can double as a good all-around, general purpose or survival knife as well, due to its full tang, heavy-duty construction. It is equally useful out in nature; setting traps, cleaning game, or helping to set up camp for the night in your favorite wilderness retreat.

It was designed for heavy general use along with functioning as one of the most effective throwing knives. It also makes an ideal self-defense choice against any attacker or thief. The overall 12″ length will be very intimidating to any would-be assailant, and they’ll certainly rethink what they were planning when confronted by their would be victim wielding this blade.


  1. paracord wrapped handles are prone to unravel
  2. large size for EDC/concealed carry

Obviously, there’s the paracord-wrapped handle grip.

If this was just a utility knife or handheld tactical knife, the cording would probably stay on just fine and not really be a problem.  But throwing knives with cord-wrapped handles are notorious for losing their cording.  This usually happens when practicing with multiple knives, as the cords get nicked when subsequent knives are thrown and bang into the knives that are already stuck in the target.

So obviously, when you are throwing multiple True Flight throwers, be sure to use multiple targets — one for each knife — that way your risk of slicing off the paracord is non-existent.  That’s what most serious throwers are probably doing already, but if you’re new to this, you might not have thought of the practical reasoning behind having multiple bullseyes on your target board.

Now, unike the Gil Hibben Cord Grip Throwers (which I LOVE-love), this paracord is much thicker and more durable, so some users report theirs lasting a long time.  But that seems to be the exception rather than the rule.  As for my own True Flight?  I’ve had mine for close to two years now, and that paracord is still wrapped as tight as the day I bought it.  No complaints here.  🙂

Customizing Your True Flight Paracord Handle And Blade

Mr. Knifefighter on YouTube (above) loves modifying his knives, and his solution was to remove the woven paracord, add lightweight handle scales, and then rewrap it super tight.  This gives him a handle with better grip and better duraility.  He also sharpened the blade, which is going to be a good idea whenever you buy a throwing knife and mod it for tactical purposes.  Cold Steel knives — even their throwing knives — typically come sharp already, but any throwing knife is going to need a little sharpening from time to time if you want it for more than just backyard entertainment.

One other drawback – if it can truly be called that – is the 12” overall length.  That’s kinda big for a concealed carry knife.  This knife used to be made a couple inches shorter, but in recent years it was lengthened to its current size.  If you love the design but prefer the shorter, original version, you’d probably have to shop around on eBay or try asking around on forums to see if anybody has one they want to sell.

(UPDATE:  Cold Steel released a new line of “Sport” throwing knives more or less based on the True Flight’s design.  So if you want something similar to the True Flight – only smaller – then check out the new Mini Flight.)