Cold Steel Torpedo Destroys Everything In Its Path

Cold Steel Torpedo

Holy shizz.

I finally watched the video on Cold Steel’s website showing CS Prez Lynn C. Thompson throwing the Cold Steel Torpedo at…a building, and…a car, and…another car…

I am definitely going to be buying one of those suckers. That thing pretty much destroys any target you throw it at.

Have you seen it?

Stats & Features

  • Overall length: 15”
  • Weight: 32 oz.
  • Composition: cold rolled 1055 carbon steel
  • Finish: matte black

The Cold Steel Torpedo is a 15” long chunk of cold rolled 1055 carbon steel, sharpened to a fine point at both ends. Weighing in at a full two pounds, it’s like the Mighty Mo of throwing knives.

The center diameter is one inch thick around. So you get the idea…it’s a mini steel javelin that has twice the chance of sticking when thrown rotationally.


Due to its symmetry, the CS Torpedo is evenly balanced for spin throws, giving an even rotation no matter which end you hold and release it from. There are no features, ridges, bumps, edges or anything along its length, so it slides smoothly right through your fingertips upon release.

With both ends tapered to sharp points, you’ve got a higher chance of sticking your target on spin throws, so that definitely can have a positive result in intuitive throwing in a rushed tactical situation. As Thompson demonstrates pretty well in the video, this thing wouldn’t have to be limited to recreational throwing.

On their site, they talk about how you could use it for hunting birds and wild game, but I don’t know. If you miss (which is highly likely), good luck finding your Torpedo 30 yards away in the thick brush haha.

But what really makes the Torpedo so devastating is its sheer weight and bulk. It takes a lot of power to launch that thing, but put some muscle into it and not only will it travel long distances…it’ll smash right through whatever it connects with.


I’m not sure what to say here. As a weapon, it’s brutal. At close range, or even handheld — it could drop an attacker to his knees (or flat on his back).

But how would you carry something like that around every day? They don’t make a sheath for it (yet), and it’s just too large to carry on your person in any kind of concealed manner, so I guess you’d have to stow it somewhere where it won’t be poking holes in your bag or whatever.

I suppose one more drawback is that its very simple design totally eliminates the possibility that it can be used for anything other than punching holes in stuff, unlike the other CS throwers that can be used like regular knives for cutting, batoning, etc.

But if you just need to punch holes in shit, then this is what you want. 😉