Cold Steel Throwing Knives Are The Most Durable Throwers You Can Buy On Amazon

If you’re used to buying cheap throwing knives on Amazon, then you already know how quickly the knife tips can become bent or broken when you throw those knives at wood targets.  Some of the cheaper ones will even break on the first day!

So you might have looked at high quality, custom knives and found that they can cost you 10x as much as those ones you usually buy.  If your budget just can’t stretch that far, what can you do?

Are there any throwing knives that you can buy on Amazon that can withstand the impact of hundreds or even thousands of throws?  Yup.  What you want to do is buy yourself some Cold Steel throwing knives.  They aren’t made out of stainless steel, and they cost a little more than those cheaper ones (about $20 to $25 each), but they’ll last you much, much longer.

1055 Carbon Steel Vs Stainless Steel

I was fortunate that my very first throwing knife was a Cold Steel Perfect Balance.  The CS throwers are made from 1055 carbon steel, which is much tougher than the stainless steel other knives are made from.  Sure I also bought some of the stainless steel ones, even the higher quality ones like the John Bailey Ziel II (that’s a great knife!).  But if I hadn’t bought the Cold Steel one at the start, I would have been very frustrated and probably wasted a lot of money buying low quality stainless steel knives.

But I discovered CS right from the start and never bothered with buying more stainless steel after that.  My son still likes the little stainless steel ones, so I have had a chance to throw lots of other knives.  But the CS ones are the best.

Cold Steel Throwing Knives

You’re going to have six throwers to choose from.  Two of them are actually designed to be tactical knives, but they’re extremely well balanced for throwing.  Those are the G.I. Tanto and the Shanghai Shadow.

The other four are perfectly designed for throwing, but a couple of them can work well for other purposes too.  They are the True Flight, Perfect Balance, Pro Balance, and Sure Balance. If you’re looking for a knife that offers real tactical value and yet is perfectly balanced for throwing, you will want to buy the True Flight.

I’ve already covered these knives in other articles on here, so check those knife reviews out if you want more details.  See the “Cold Steel Throwing Knives” section in the sidebar for links to all those in-depth reviews.

If you’re ready to go check out the pricing and reviews of them on Amazon, just follow the image links below.

True Flight

G.I. Tanto

Shanghai Shadow

Perfect Balance

Pro Balance

Sure Balance

UPDATE: The New Cold Steel Sport Series Throwing Knives

Cold Steel released a new series this year (2014).  The “Sport” throwing knives are basically just remakes of their other throwing knife designs — including some sweet, older designs not shown above — but they are thinner.  So that means, they are lighter and they cost less.  I haven’t tried them out yet, so I can’t say for sure if they are still just as durable as their thicker, heavier predecessors.

I will get some soon and let you know what I think.