Cold Steel Sure Balance Thrower Review: An Excellent Throwing Knife For Amateurs And Pros

Cold Steel Sure Balance Thrower throwing knife

Cold Steel is a solid brand that is popular with knife throwers — professionals and amateurs alike. The Cold Steel Sure Balance Thrower resembles the 1950s classic throwing knives, from back when the activity was more popular among circus and variety show performers.

Stats & Features

The Sure Balance is made of 1055 carbon steel covered with a black baked on coating that is rust resistant, making it a tough and reliable throwing knife. The blade is 9 inches long and the handle is a bit more than 4 inches making the whole knife a little more than 13 inches long.

The blade thickness is 5 millimeters, and it weighs in at 18.3 ounces.  The blade slims down to a fine tip, so it goes deep into the target object.

You can get a sheath for this model too for an extra 10 bucks or so (sold separately).

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Fans of this knife agree that this model is well balanced and releases from the hand like a charm. It’s simply a single chunk of aerodynamic metal, so there is no handle to grip. Most knife throwers agree that this is a positive thing, but if you prefer the feel of a handle, then you might like the Pro Balance Or Perfect Balance better (this knife’s Cold Steel cousins).

If you prefer smaller, lighter knives, then this one is not for you.


Some beginners don’t like it and are kinda scared to throw it LOL, because it can do a lot of damage upon impact, but I think that’s what makes it actually great for beginners (the size and weight part…not the damage part).   That extra “heft” helps it to travel through the air without wobbling in the wind and helps it to stick more easily.  But, to each his own.

If you are looking for a high quality but inexpensive knife that goes back to basics, the Cold Steel Sure Balance Thrower is the perfect choice.

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