Cold Steel Recommits To American Made Products

Hey everyone,

I know this won’t matter to some folks, but it means a great deal to me and many other Americans.

I just got an email from Cold Steel President Lynn C. Thompson in which he announces that the company is revamping many of its manufacturing processes and moving Cold Steel forward with some great new changes.

So be expecting more American materials to go into Cold Steel knives and other weapons and tools.  They’re also creating a new logo and a new motto, “Anytime. Anywhere.”

coldsteel new logo


I kinda like that 😉

Thompson also mentioned some upcoming collaborations with Andrew Demko and Steven Seagal (oh, hellz ya).  So I can’t wait to see what that’s all about.

I wanted to quote his email at length, so here ya go…

Many of our established and popular knives are undergoing rolling changes to new American made materials.

Cosmetically, they may only have minimal changes, though their performance levels will be even higher than ever!

How to spot the new 2015 models:

  • Check SKUs or part numbers. These new models will have new codes. See chart below.

  • New coatings. Some of our new items have upgraded from the matte black Tuff-Ex finish, to a rich glossy DLC (Diamond Like Coating). This new coating is not only far more durable, but it looks great too! An easy way to spot this is that the grind lines on the blades are now clearly visible through the DLC.

  • Check the blade etch*. Our new items will feature an updated etch on the blade which states the steel used. Many of the Japanese AUS8A models will now feature American XHP or BD-1 steels.

Sounds pretty good, huh?  I’ll keep an eye out for whether they’ll be making any changes to their line of throwing knives and let you know if I hear anything.  Perhaps we’ll be having some knew throwing knife reviews coming up soon in 2015.

And I do apologize that I still haven’t tried out the new Sport line of throwers that came out last year.  I have nowhere to throw right now.  We were hoping to have moved into a new home by now (one with a back yard bigger than my butt) but that has yet to happen.

Oh man, and I also got some sweet throwers from Patrick at Flying Steel last year and have yet to review them.  That’s really irritating me.  I really need a place to throw.

Anyways, talk to you soon.