Cold Steel Perfect Balance Thrower: “Hello, Beastie!”

Cold Steel Perfect Balance Thrower throwing knifeInspired by the classic throwing knife designs of the 50’s, the Cold Steel Perfect Balance is the first throwing knife I ever bought, and it’s my favorite to this day.

And I don’t see it being dethroned any time soon.

I love that beast.  It looks mean.  It throws amazingly well.  It’s rugged too.  And it’s comparable to the other Cold Steel throwers in its class:  the Sure Balance and Pro Balance.  All three of these are big, heavy, well-balanced throwing knives with retro 50’s designs.

Features & Stats

The blade alone is a whopping 9”, with an overall length of 13 ½ inches.  Blade thickness is 5mm, and it weighs in at 15.4 ounces.  Dude, it’s almost a full pound!  You will feel every ounce of that weight, and your target will too!  This is one of the biggest and heaviest commercially avaialable throwing knives on the online market today.

Like the other Cold Steel throwers, this is a full tang knife blade made from hardened 1055 carbon steel, with a flat black, baked-on coating that not only looks badass but also offers some rust protection.

The blade edge is sharp already – and it can be sharpened further – making it useful for more than just throwing.  It’s got a beautiful clip point, and the spine is a straight line all the way to the end of the handle, making it perfect for Thorn-style no-spin throws.

Cold Steel Perfect Balance Thrower Handle ScalesOne of its features – that I wish was available on other throwers – is the way that the PB’s handle scales are not flush to the edge of the handle.

If you look at the G.I. Tanto, its handle scales go all the way back and wrap around.  That looks cool, and it has no negative impact on handheld performance, but for a throwing knife, that’s stupid, because if your throw is off and you hit your target handle-first, there go your handle scales.

But with the Perfect Balance, that carbon steel blade handle actually extends almost 1/2” past the scales, so this way the full tang steel absorbs the impact on a bad throw, instead of the scales taking all that punishment.


Cold Steel Perfect Balance Throwing KnifeClick here to read customer reviews.

The Perfect Balance has a center of balance that is directly at its midpoint, so it deserves its name.  This “perfect balance” point allows for a very consistent, even, and predictable rotation – just what you want in a thrower.  It’s neither blade heavy nor handle heavy, so you don’t have to overthink anything when changing from half-spin distances to full-spin distances.  You just pinch it and throw it the same way, whether throwing from the blade or from the handle.

It’s a durable knife.  After hundreds of throws, there is no bending of the tip at all.  Nothing.  The knife is still perfectly straight from tip to handle, just like the day I bought it.


There are those composite, plastic scales.  I’ve thrown mine hundreds of times with no cracks or breaks at all, but other guys haven’t been so lucky and have broken off the handle scales in no time.  In fact, the manufacturer specifically mentions that they are replaceable, so that’s kind of a bad omen right there.  If I ever break mine, I’ll be sure to do a quick post on how to change those handle scales for all the mechanically challenged knife throwers out there.

Anyway, how is it for tasks besides throwing?

Cold Steel Perfect Balance Thrower Clip PointHonestly, this knife might be a bit too clunky to make an effective tactical knife, and I think its skinny handle and breakable scales limits its value as a heavy-duty survival knife.  Some guys actually use it out in their backyard to hack down shrubs and stuff, so I guess it’s okay, but I think that its non-throwing value is a bit limited. If it’s all you got, then sure.  Use it.  But this would not be my first choice for an all-in-one knife.

The blade edge did lose some sharpness too, and all I did with it was throw it, so…yeah.  Rambo would not approve.

If that makes it mostly just good for throwing, then that ain’t such a bad thing, because it’s still a freaking awesome throwing knife.  That is what it was made for, after all.

I bought my Perfect Balance  for way less than retail.  If you want it and would like to save some money, then you should check it out.