The Cold Steel G.I. Tanto Is One Of The Best Tactical Throwing Knives Online

Cold Steel GI Tanto Tactical Throwing Knife

Knives come in all shapes and sizes. The  G.I. Tanto (AMZN# B004H9DO4Y), produced by popular knife manufacturer Cold Steel, is about as durable and sharp as the best of them. Though some die-hards are easily put off by the “Made in China” stamp on the front of the knife, at its core this is a $60 knife at less than half the price. If you’re looking for an affordable throwing knife that’s good for all-around utility and tactical purposes, this is it.

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Stats & Features

The GI Tanto has a decent amount of weight to it (10.6 ounces). The 7″ tanto blade is made out of extremely dense 1055 carbon steel, and the overall length is 12 inches. The blackened blade coating is also rust resistant and made to last.  Blade thickness is 4mm.

Like most Cold Steel knives, this one comes pretty sharp, right out of the box. The carbon-steel blade may require a little maintaining from time to time, but that’s expected with this material.

That said, the knife also comes with a quality EX sheath and Velcro/button straps (on the beltloop) that make it the complete package.

The Cold Steel EX sheaths really are awesome.  First, they look pretty amazing.  It’s only plastic, but it looks pretty hardcore, and it’s more durable than any nylon sheath.  Plus, your knife locks in tight, even without the button strap snapped around the handle.  Once you have this sheath, you’re going to be disappointed with all your other ones.

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In terms of usage, the G.I. Tanto is good for utility, survival and tactical purposes. Naturally, a knife like this is a tool. It can just as easily be used to chop onions as it can be used to hack branches off trees.

The tip holds up well in throwing practice sessions, and the handle scales aren’t likely to break off unless you’re throwing additional knives at the same target after the GIT is already in place…or you really suck at throwing knives and always hit handle first.  And of course, if you’re throwing at targets on your concrete driveway, any knife may sustain damage with repeated bounces.  But this thing is as durable as any other high quality throwing knife out there.

This is one bad ass tactical throwing knife!

It’s balanced right where the handle and blade meet, right at the guard — as opposed to a perfectly balanced throwing knife with a balance point right at the midpoint.  So it’s not technically perfect for throwing.

But I don’t mind a bit.  It’s a lot of fun to throw, whether from the blade or the handle.  Some guys don’t like to throw it from the blade since it’s pretty sharp.  I don’t get that.  Are they using a hammer grip or what?  I just use a pinch grip with the sharpened edge facing out, and there’s never been a problem.


The only real drawback to this knife is that the composite handle scales may feel a little slippery, especially when wet. Handling it without gloves may result in you feeling a little disoriented due to the feel of the material. This smoothness is actually good for a thrower, allowing for a smooth, consistent release but under adverse survival conditions, it could be a nuisance.

As a throwing knife, the Cold Steel G.I. Tanto actually works very well, and it’s moderately heavy.  As you’d expect, the weight means that it sticks hard when thrown properly. Unlike throwing knives made purely for sport, a good tactical throwing knife should also be sharp, and if there’s one thing this knife is, it’s sharp. Plenty of imitator knives may work in making the buyer think they’re the real deal, but this knife speaks for itself in terms of quality, construction, durability and reliability.

Whether for sport or survival, the G.I. Tanto is a great all-around tactical throwing knife.

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