Cheap Throwing Knives Under 10 Dollars — Amazon Rocks!

Zombie Killer Throwing Knives – “Decimator” (Triple Set w/ Sheath)

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Yes, this knife will kill zombies.  I promise.  You have my word.  I personally guarantee it.  And if I’m wrong, it won’t matter because I’ll be dead – or undead – anyway.

Most cheap throwing knives are going to be 6” or less, so it’s pretty cool to see the Decimator measuring in at over 7”.  That’s just enough size to take it seriously.  Blade length is 3 ½”.  Blade thickness is 2.5mm.

The ABS handles are actually pretty unique for throwing knives, with a nice texture and look.  The ones shown here are gray, but you can also find Decimators with neon green handles.  And these aren’t just scales; they’re full-grip handles.  Prices may vary.

The Decimator blade is made from stainless steel with a black finish, silver blade edge and the “Zombie Killer” logo stamped on the blade.

Like all the throwing knives listed here, this 3-piece set comes includes a nylon sheath with slots for each knife and a Velcro strap to hold them in place.


Perfect Point Throwing Knives – TK-019-3 (Triple Set w/ Sheath)

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Okay, you get three 9” throwing knives with a sheath for under ten bucks and free shipping (on Amazon, that is — when you order $25+ of qualified products.  eBay was $15.58).  That’s a really good deal.

These two-tone, black/silver blades are actually very well balanced for throwing, and the blades were slightly sharpened.  You can sharpen them more if you want, or you can easily take the edge off with a few swipes on a stone or sidewalk for safer use.

Useless Trivia

“TK0193” – this knife’s part number – is also the website entry number for Thermococcus kodakaraensis in the genome project in Japan.  This microbial organism was studied off the coast of Kodakara Island, Kagoshima, Japan, where it thrives near volcanic vents on the ocean floor at temperatures in the 200F range.  This information has nothing to do with ninjas or zombies…just genetics research.


United Cutlery Tomahawk Throwing Knives (Triple Set w/ Sheath)

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I’ve seen these on Amazon for as low as $2.71…for three knives and a sheath, so yeah, that’s about as cheap as it gets!  Even the “regular” price is under $10.  These knives look pretty good, but understand that they’re only 5 ½ inches long, with a blade length of only 2 ½ inches.  That is really, really small.  A lot of guys buy these in a heartbeat and then are shocked when they open the box.

Small, thin, light stainless steel throwing knives like these are best thrown against soft targets like cork or cardboard.  No…just cardboard.  If you throw them at wood, the tips are going to bend and bounce, and the knife itself may break in half due to the open slots in the handle that weaken the blade’s integrity.

These little guys are best used indoors, just killing time in your bedroom and throwing at pizza boxes.  I wouldn’t even bother throwing them outside beyond a 1 ½ spin distance, since the slightest crosswind would probably make you miss your target completely.


6” Jack Ripper Throwing Knives (Triple Set w/ Sheath)

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Also on the small side are these Jack Rippers.  The design is awesome, very Gil Hibben-ish, but without the trigger on the handle.  They throw very well, even for a small knife, and they aren’t too sharp, so that’s good for little throwers.  Made of 440 stainless steel, so beware bent points.  Throw them at soft targets only and you’re good.

Comes with a black, nylon sheath.


BladesUSA Throwing Knives RC-179-3 (Triple Set w/ Sheath)

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I think you’re going to like these ones, actually.  They look really cool.  They come with a nice, polished finish with a black widow spider graphic printed on the handle.  Trigger grip design like the one favored by master knife designer Gil Hibben.  The blades aren’t too sharp, but watch those tips.  They’re pretty sharp.

These cheap throwing knives are constructed from stainless steel and have a decent overall length of 8 inches.  They also come with a free nylon sheath that holds all three knives.