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Best Throwing Knives For Sale On Amazon

In order to enjoy the sport of knife throwing, it is important to have a good knife. There are many throwing knives to choose from, but they are not all of the best quality.

Honestly, I prefer Cold Steel’s throwing knives, made from tough 1055 carbon steel. Those are the most durable throwers you’ll find on Amazon.  So I’m starting this list with those.  They are the best you’ll find on Amazon.  Period.

But those knives are big and heavy and go for over 20 bucks each, and a lot of people just want to start out with something smaller and more affordable. Or, some guys just prefer shiny knives instead, and the Cold Steel knives are not shiny at all (they’re a flat black).  So I’ve included several good stainless steel throwers on here too.

I’ve already reviewed the Cold Steel knives in several posts on this site, so I won’t take up too much space rehashing those reviews here.  You can check them all out in the sidebar.  Instead, I’ll talk more about some other knives that are worth checking out.

NOTE:  In case you’re wondering, the True Flight is about the best-rated throwing knife on Amazon…not just the best Cold Steel knife, but the best of ALL the throwing knives.  I love mine, too, and I can tell you that you won’t be disappointed with it.

All the Gil Hibben knives made by United Cutlery are very good knives (not just the ones I’m listing here, but all of them are good), but since they’re made from stainless steel, again…they’re more susceptible to bending and breaking if you throw against hard wood 2×4 targets.  Just keep that in mind.  Use log rounds if they are available to reduce the likelihood of damaging your knives.  Since I don’t have easy access to log rounds, I pad my wood target board with some layered cardboard sheets whenever we use our stainless steel throwers, and that helps the tips last longer.

Below is a list of some of the best throwing knives for sale on Amazon that will fit a wide range of budgets.

Cold Steel True Flight Thrower

 (Click image for lowest Amazon prices and customer reviews)

Cold Steel Shanghai Shadow Knife

Click image

Cold Steel GI Tanto

Click image

Cold Steel Sure Balance

Click image

Cold Steel Pro Balance

Click image

Cold Steel Perfect Balance

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United Cutlery GH2033 Gil Hibben Competition (large)

The Large Competition thrower is another great throwing knife by Gil Hibben. It is significantly larger than the Pro Throwing Combo knife, measuring a full 12 ¼ inches. The knives are constructed as one piece from stainless steel. The International Knife Throwers Hall of Fame inscription is engraved on the blade. The handle is ergonomically designed to maximize your throwing accuracy, a very important requirement for a competitive throwing knife. These knives come as set of three with a genuine leather sheath.
(Click image for lowest Amazon prices and customer reviews)

Dubé Throwing Knife

The Dubé Throwing Knife has all the features of a good throwing knife: balance, good length, and adequate weight. This knife can be thrown from either the handle or the blade. This sleek-looking double-edged blade is made of corrosion resistant stainless steel. A tab near the handle provides a guide for your fingers. The sheath is made of a heavy-duty black nylon with riveted corners and lashing holes.
(Click image for lowest Amazon prices and customer reviews)

Gil Hibben Pro Throwing Combo 2 Piece 8 ¼

These silver-colored throwing knives designed by master knife maker Gil Hibben are sure to catch your attention. The Gil Hibben Pro Throwing Combo 2 Piece is made of 420J2 steel that makes them highly resistant to corrosion while keeping the price low. The knives are 8 ¼ inches long and 3/16 inches thick. These throwing knives come with a genuine leather sheath.
(Click for lowest Amazon pricing and customer reviews)

Browning 122BL Throwing Knives

The Browning 122BL Throwing Knife comes as a set of three. This is the recommended number of throwing knives to use at a time, since it is much more effective in improving your aim to have three strikes to judge rather than having to go get the knife after each shot. The Browning 122BL Throwing Knife has a high-quality 440 C steel blade with a black satin finish. The length of the entire knife is 8 ½ inches. The nylon sheath has a pocket clip.
Click image for pricing

United Cutlery GH2011 Gil Hibben Gen.2 Large Triple Throwing Knife

Gil Hibben comes through again with another knife from the Pro Thrower line. United Cutlery GH2011 Gil Hibben Gen. 2 Large Triple Throwing Knife is a one-piece tempered steel construction with a trigger grip design that ensures an accurate release each time. This knife comes as a set of three and has an ergonomic handle. These knives will stand up to throw after throw. The knife’s entire length is 8 5/8 inches long with a single-edged blade. The United Cutlery GH2011 Gil Hibben Gen.2 Large Triple Throwing Knife comes with a leather sheath.
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Cold Steel Torpedo

Thought we’d throw in something a little different, here.  The Cold Steel Torpedo looks like its name, with its sleek design and tapered ends. The Torpedo weighs two pounds and flies like a bullet. Because of its weight, the Torpedo can deliver twice the force of a conventional throwing knife. When thrown with accuracy, the Torpedo can provide lethal penetration to animals as large as coyotes. The Cold Steel Torpedo’s double-pointed ends make a hit twice as likely. The Torpedo is made from cold rolled 1055 Carbon steel. Because it is zone heat treated, the Torpedo has enough strength to pulverize a concrete block. At 15 inches,  the Torpedo is one of the longest throwers on the market.
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Ninja Stealth Silver Throwing Knives

The single-edged Ninja Stealth Silver Throwing Knives are surprisingly good knives for beginners. The blade is sharp, and they stick well in their target. The gently curved handle has a nice, smooth spine that won’t throw off your no spin throws. While these knives are not as high-quality as some, they are an inexpensive option for those who are just starting out and aren’t sure if knife throwing is for them. The Ninja Stealth has a 2 ¾-inch blade and is made of 100 percent 440 stainless steel. The set of three comes with a black nylon case.
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The Expendables Kunai Throwing Knives Are Pretty Wicked

Click here to see what Amazon customers think of these throwing knives.

The Movie Was Awesome

Lee Christmas Kunai throwing knives
Jason Statham plays “Lee Christmas,” a knife throwing mercenary in “The Expendables” movie.

For fans of action movies, The Expendables movie was a shot of adrenaline into the genre that hadn’t been seen in years. With so much pulse pounding action and intensely choreographed fight scenes, it was enough to make any fan want to pick up a few new tricks. The film’s resident knife nut, Lee Christmas (played by the actor Jason Statham) had one of the shiniest skills also:  throwing.

Learning how to plant a knife tip first in a stationary target, much less into a moving one, is not an easy skill to learn. It takes a lot of patience, a lot of practice, and at least a modicum of talent. However, it does help a lot to have the right tool for the job. It’s for that reason that those who want to become not just good, but deadly with a throwing knife might want to check out United Cutlery UC2772 Expendables Kunai throwing knives, which are a replica of the ones used in The Expendables.

The Knives Are Wicked Awesome

These knives are made of anodized stainless steel that’s been blackened, and the grips have been wrapped in rough cord. Each of the three knives has a round finger grip ring, and the sheath can attach to a boot or belt for an easy carry option.

The Expendables Kunai may be just like the ones found in the movie, but this knife is no rubber prop, and it’s certainly not a toy to play with. Those points are lethal sharp right out of the box.

The ring might take some getting used to, so these are probably better reserved for spin throwing, simply because of the design of the handle.  Still, this is a decent quality set of kunai, and even has a collectible attraction about it.

They are nicely-balanced, have nice length and weight compared to the cheaper kunai out there, making them fairly good for beginners. The blade is longer than you’d expect – with an overall length of 12 inches – making this half-pounder one of the larger kunai throwers out there.

These are pretty damn good throwing knives, but…

The Tips And Cord Grip Are — EXPENDABLE

The tips are pretty long and taper down to a thin point, though, making them susceptible to breakage if not thrown properly.  And as mentioned already, it can be an awkward knife to throw no-spin — especially Thorn-style — because the ring tends to interfere with your release.  But for regular spin throwing/rotational throwing…they’re just fine.

And then there’s the cord-wrapped grip.  Looks awesome…til you throw them a lot and the cord comes undone.  Nothing new here.  We all know to expect that from cord grip throwers.  Just have your electrical tape ready and you’re good.

 (Sold as a set of three throwing knives)

More Kunai Throwers For The Backyard Ninja In You…

Naruto Kunai Throwing Knife Set Review

naruto kunai ninja throwing knivesThe Naruto 9 Kunai Uzumaki throwing knife looks just like the ones used by Naruto Uzumaki in the manga series.  It’s a 9” black stainless steel blade with the distinct, shovel/spade shape and finger ring at the end of the handle that kunai knives are known for. The handle is wrapped with a black, nylon cord to give a good grip. The blade itself is not sharpened, but the tip is pointed.  And it comes as a 3-piece set.

These ninja throwing knives come with a nylon sheath that can be attached to your belt. With an overall length of 9 inches, it’s a decent sized throwing knife for beginners.  These are longer than other Naruto throwing knives, so they are easier to control, and the added weight helps them to stick more easily.  It is well weighted for optimal flight and glides straight and true, but most importantly — there are none of those annoying tassels seen on some of the smaller Naruto throwing knife sets.

Overall, it’s an affordable throwing knife set that fans of the TV show and video games will be happy to add to their collection of Naruto gear.  For serious throwers, it might be considered more of a novelty item than a high-performance knife.  But it does fly better than most of its peers; the other Naruto knives are just too small and light to be taken seriously.

As with all cord-wrapped handle throwing knives, the cord is likely to start unraveling as soon as another knife comes along and knicks it.  But that’s fairly easy to repair or replace with tape; the knives perform pretty much the same with tape or the cord on there (but having nothing at all — just the bare metal — could throw off the balance slightly).


The Naruto Kunai throwing knife is named after a ninja warrior created by manga artist Masashi Kishimoto. Young Naruto Uzumaki, a resident of Hidden Leaf Village, has had a demon, the Nine-tailed Fox, sealed inside his body. His father sacrificed his own life to do this, in order to save the lives of the villagers.

Naruto has dreams of becoming the greatest ninja warrior in the land, but as a troubled orphan, and one who holds a deadly force within him, he is ostracized by the villagers. Despite this, Naruto is able to conquer bad school grades and his enemies and becomes the highest ninja warrior in his land.

What? The Naruto Kunai’s Not Big Enough For Ya?

Check out The Expendables Kunai Throwing Knives. How does 13 1/2 inches and 8 ounces of AUS-6 blackened steel sound?

Also:  HOLY BATARANG!  Batman Throwing Knives Vanish Worldwide?!?!?!

Batarang! Batman Throwing Knives Disappearing?

Hey, what happened to all those unofficial Batman throwing knives (also called, “Batarangs” or “Bat Wings”) that used to be sold on Amazon, HeavenlySwords, and elsewhere?  I can’t find them anywhere online.  I wouldn’t be surprised if some of those knock-offs surfaced on ebay eventually, but I’ve checked several of the main e-commerce knife and weapon sites, and I’ve followed the links from image searches — nada.

UPDATE 07/01/2013:  I just found some on Amazon for like $5!  They disappeared a few weeks ago!  Most of the models that were available in the past are still not for sale anywhere, but I just found these today.  Buy them before they get removed again!

HARD TO FIND!!! Buy NOW before Amazon is forced to remove them again!!!

Buy Batman Batarang Pocket Knives HERE.

Were they just cheap unlicensed, unauthorized products or something like that?  Are they illegal to sell now?  Some of them obviously were, and I’m assuming a lawsuit is behind their disappearance.  Were kids getting hurt throwing them and their parents threatening to sue the Batman franchise or what?  Or maybe it was just a crackdown on unlicensed merchandise?

Does anybody know what’s going on?

batman throwing knives  batarang


UPDATE 06/22/2013:  I have spotted some at my local swap meet.  There’s a vendor there that sells tons of knives, and they had a couple sets of unofficial Batman throwing knives.  They just had the Batman symbol on them or said “Batwing.”  No trademark on them.  Total knockoffs (but I really wanted them).  When I have a little more cash, I’m gonna go back and buy them, because they won’t be around for long, I’m sure…

Legit Batarang and Batman Pocket Knife

Anyways, you can still find the official Batman pocket knivespocket knives — all over the place, but understand that these little folding knives aren’t designed to be actual throwing knives.  Of course, since they’re double-bladed, they shouldn’t have the same balance issues that a single-bladed pocket knife would have, so it’s possible that they’d make better throwers than regular pocket knives would.  But I’m not about to test one just so I can see how many throws it takes to break it.

I’m sure it’s a fine pocket knife, but there are certainly other pocket knives that offer greater tactical value.

If you’re one of the zillions of fans of the Dark Knight, then obviously these folders have cool, collectible value.  They come in a TON of colors and sizes too, if you’re interested.  Here are some of them.  I LOVE the desert camo one…

Also available in other colors and sizes…

(Click links below to view products on Amazon)





…and perhaps others???

Tactical Throwing Knives For Self Defense?

Tactical throwing knives
“…If you’d like to speak with an attorney, please press or say ‘One’…”

NOTE:  Scroll down for knife recommendations…

Are throwing knives good to use as weapons in tactical situations?  Is it ever a good idea to throw your knife – which may be your only weapon – at an attacker?

Those are some tough questions.  Well in a way, they’re easy to answer.  Anybody can blurt out their opinion (and I will too, about 5 seconds from now).  But the consequences of following bad advice in a tactical situation could be disastrous.

Do You Really Want To Give Up Your Knife?

Once that knife leaves your hand, it’s gone.  You only get one shot.

A good case can be made that in a self-defense situation, your knife will do you a lot more good if it’s held firmly in your hand.  Someone might say that you shouldn’t ever throw your knife at an attacker, because…well, what if you miss?

But what if you don’t miss?  What if that knife hits its target?  So what?  Will it matter?

This isn’t Call of Duty.  In real life, it often takes a whole lot more to down an opponent than a single stab with a knife.  So even if you stick your attacker, he might still be coming at you – except now he’s even more pissed and he’s got a knife!

So if you can’t hit a moving target every single time with enough force to knock the fight out of him (or even if you can), you’re probably going to want to hold onto it.

But what if the situation simply calls for striking from a distance?  Are there such things as truly tactical throwing knives?  Can throwing knives be used effectively as weapons?

Of course they can.

What Is A Tactical Throwing Knife?

Any knife you can throw effectively in a combat situation could be considered a tactical throwing knife.  If you can manage to sink a throwing knife several inches deep into an attacker from ten feet away, that could certainly save your life.  Even if that throw doesn’t incapacitate the attacker immediately, it might very well slow him down long enough for you and your party to escape with your lives. It might even make him change his mind and leave you alone, especially if you’ve still got another knife ready to go.  And let’s face it, if you manage to sink a 10″ knife several inches deep into your attacker’s stomach, leg, shoulder, throat, etc., that just might end it right there.

So yes, there can be situations where you could effectively use throwing knives for self-defense.  The bottom line is that if you’re going to throw your only knife at an opponent — and that is a big IF — then you’ve only got one shot, so you’d better be throwing a knife that can do the job.  And you’d better already be very, very good at throwing it.

Otherwise, why throw it at all?

Of course, that’s assuming you only have one knife

What Knives Are Best Then?

I couldn’t really find a lot of good info on this online, at least when it comes to using throwing knives, specifically.  But there is an interesting thread on bladeforums about this topic (okay, there are probably several interesting threads…but this is one of them).

If you want to check it out:

Most forum threads on this topic quickly degrade into, “Throwing your knife is stupid, and you’re stupid…” shouting matches, but this particular thread managed to stay on topic and provide some useful thoughts.

Any knife that can effectively take down your opponent would be a good choice.  That means that little spades and spikes are probably out. And most of those cheap little 6″ kunais are out too.  If that’s all you got, then throw it and run.  Perhaps that distraction is all you need to escape.  But if you’re going to choose a knife for self-defense, why not choose something beefier?

I would think that something with some heft to it would be best for tactical throwing; something with decent blade length/penetration potential.  A lightweight, short, thin knife might not do much damage, even if it does manage to stick.  If it only penetrates an inch or so, what good is that?  Some, but not much.  Good as a distraction, maybe.

There are two ways to go, here:

(BUT FIRST, A QUICK NOTE:  Knife laws vary from state to state (e.g. some prohibit daggers or butterfly knives).  Understanding and following the knife laws in your state is your responsibility, so take the time to look into it…)

1.  Modify A Throwing Knife For Tactical Value

You could start with a solid thrower and just sharpen the edges.  This makes sense, because a throwing knife is designed to be thrown.  It’s well-balanced for consistent performance, and it’s sturdy enough — or should be — to endure all those hours of throwing practice.  Moderately-sized throwing knives would be ideal…big enough to do some damage, but small enough to be used for everyday carry.

This is probably the best way to go.

Here are some possible candidates, but be sure to check out the knife comparison chart, where dozens of knives are given a “tactical rating” to help you narrow down your choices. These three Cold Steel knives are excellent throwers, and unlike many other throwing knives, they also have real tactical value as handheld weapons.  The Shanghai Shadow may better be classed as a tactical knife, but it’s fairly well balanced for throwing.  The finger ring can make no-spin throws a challenge, however.

Overall, the True Flight and GI Tanto are my top picks for tactical throwers, but you may feel otherwise…

Cold Steel True Flight Thrower

(Click image for pricing and reviews)

Cold Steel G.I. Tanto

(Click image for user reviews and pricing)

Cold Steel Shanghai Shadow

Click image for reviews/pricing

2.  Learn To Consistently Throw A Tactical Knife

The other route would be to start out with a good quality tactical knife, and then simply learning to throw it effectively.  You’ll also want to learn to throw without spin too.  Spin throwing requires all the different factors (e.g. distance, body position, planetary alignment) to be JUST RIGHT, but no-spin techniques allow for more leeway.  Ralph Thorn’s combat knife throwing motto comes to mind:  “Any Knife, Any Angle, Any Position, No Games, No Gimmicks, No Limits.”

For a quick but useful look at no-spin tactical knife throwing, check out this video from MegaWinfrey on Youtube.  (“Now, Daniel-san…show me…PAINT THE CEILING!”)

So you could start with a knife that has value as a handheld weapon, and then learn how to throw it reliably.  That way you’ve got a weapon that is versatile and truly effective for self-defense, whether thrown or handheld.

So are there any good tactical knives that are also balanced well enough to make good throwers?

Here are some possible candidates:

(Note:  I threw in the Recon 1 just for fun (see the video).  It CAN be thrown, but it’s not IDEAL for throwing.)

Smith & Wesson SWHRT9B Black HRT Boot Knife

Smith & Wesson Boot Knife(Click image to see Amazon reviews and pricing)

Cold Steel Peace Keeper I

(Click image for Amazon reviews and pricing)

Cold Steel Recon 1 (G-10)

(Click image for user reviews and pricing)

What Do You Think?

Many good throwing knives are worthless as handheld weapons due to their impossibly dull edges or lack of grip, and many good combat knives are worthless for throwing due to balance issues or relatively weak/clunky handles.  If you could have only one knife for tactical purposes — one that could be effective both handheld or thrown — what would it be?

DISCLAIMER:  This article is for “purely entertainment purposes only” and should not be taken seriously as advice of any kind.  Throwing knives at people can get you in BIG TROUBLE.  When faced with a life or death tactical situation, please immediately consult your attorney before throwing your knife at someone who is trying to kill you.  It may help to keep an attorney on speed dial in case of tactical situations such as these.  The owner of this website cannot be held liable for anything you do or do not do with your throwing knives.

Large Throwing Knives For Beginners

Choosing a good starter knife is pretty important when you’re first getting into throwing knives.  A lot of people make the mistake of going super cheap right from the beginning, and they end up with a set of 12 little, broken throwing knives by the end of Day One.

Large Throwing Knives Are Best For Beginners

Throwing knives that are too short, too thin, and too light are only going to cause you a lot of frustration, so large throwing knives are best for beginners.  Anything over 10 inches is ideal.

Larger knives are a bit more forgiving than the smaller ones and are easier to control.  Their added weight also helps them to stick in the target better.  But, you generally get what you pay for, so good starter throwing knives aren’t going to be the cheapest ones out there.  Still, even the best throwing knives are a lot less costly than most entry level survival knives or tactical knives, so don’t freak out and think that price is going to be a huge roadblock to getting good blades.

Below are 6 high-quality, affordable, large throwing knives.

Gil Hibben Competition Triple Knife Throwing Set with Sheath

12 1/8 inch overall length

United Cutlery makes some pretty decent knives, and anything designed by Gil Hibben is likely to be a solid purchase.  He’s one of the best throwing knife designers around, and he also has a great instructional guide to knife throwing that is worth checking out.

The United Cutlery GH2033 Competition throwers are really one of the best choices for your first knife.  They’re nice and big and have some good weight to them.  Also, the design is simple and well-balanced.  Some knives have fancier handles – which you may end up liking – but many throwers find that simple handles provide for a smoother release and more consistent throws.

It’s a matter of personal preference, of course, but these knives may be just perfect for you.  Plus, they’re not too expensive, either.

Gil Hibben Large Tanto Thrower Triple Knife Set

11 ¼ inch overall length

As already mentioned, just about anything by Gil Hibben is likely to be a well-designed throwing knife.  The main difference with the tanto style is that distinct, angular blade point.  Performance-wise, it doesn’t make a noticeable difference.  Some people prefer the tanto look and some don’t.

If ordering online, be aware that this knife comes in two sizes; just be sure to get the large knife, not the small one.

Cold Steel Perfect Balance Thrower

13 ½ inch overall length

Check out the size of this monster.  “Now THIS is a KNIFE.”

The blade length alone stretches the tape to 9 inches.  That’s larger than most of the cheap knives measure from end to end!  It looks pretty beastly too.  Come on, you know that looks are 90% of your criteria for choosing one knife over another.  Mine too.

This knife is big and heavy, which makes it perfect for beginners.  The one potential drawback, though, is that handle.  Repeated blows to that plastic handle can damage it, so if you’re throwing in an area with lots of concrete and bricks all around, this bad boy is gonna get broke.  But if you’re in a grassy area, throwing at soft-ish targets, you should be okay.  If throwing multiple knives, use separate bullseyes for each knife, so they don’t crash into each other and break.

Cold Steel True Flight Thrower

12 inch overall length

Another Cold Steel knife that throwers absolutely love is the True Flight with its paracord-wrapped handle.  This knife flies really well, and if you prefer knives with distinct handles – as opposed to the simpler designs like the GH Competition knives have – then this is a great choice.

This single knife (and some others on this list) costs almost as much as a cheap 3-piece set, so you may be tempted to pass on it and go with something smaller and cheaper.  Sorry…but that route is probably going to be a waste of time.

You’re going to learn a whole lot faster on larger knives than you will with smaller ones.  You can always expand your collection with small cheapos for throwing indoors and stuff, but if you want to get good knife throwing, larger knives (12 inches and up) are the best way to go.

Boker Magnum Bailey Ziel 2 Throwing Knife

13 1/4 inches total length

John Bailey’s Ziel II is one of my favorite throwing knives of all time, and it’s one of the best stainless steel throwing knives for beginners and pros alike.  I won’t go into too much detail about it here, since I’ve already covered it in depth in another article, but the bottom line is that this is an incredible throwing knife.

It can be purchased as a single with sheath or as a triple set with sheath (holds all three knives).  The sheaths are good quality leather ones too, not cheap nylon or plastic.

I highly recommend the Ziel II triple set for beginners.

Kit Rae Large Black Jet Thrower Triple Set

10 ½ inch overall length

Last we have the Black Jet Thrower.  Kit Rae makes some of the sweetest looking throwing knives around.  Very flashy, very medieval, very Conan.  If you’re planning on slaying some dragons in your backyard, then you need some Kit Rae knives, dagger, and throwing axes.

This one here is actually one of his more conservative designs, though.  It’s a one-sided blade, so you’ll have more gripping options to choose from.  Some beginners like running their finger along the dull-edge when throwing, and you may not want to try that on a dagger – even a dull one.

So, the Black Jet Thrower is shown here, but feel free to try out his other designs too.

This knife is actually the shortest one on the list, but it’s still a good size for beginners and it looks pretty cool, doesn’t it?  It throws well too.

Good Throwing Knives That Don’t Break After One Throw


NOTE:  You might want to just skip the original article and scroll down to the bottom for an UPDATE…


For the throwing knives enthusiasts out there, Amazon offers a decent selection. Like anything else though it’s best to get the lowdown on the knives before buying, because even they have their fair share of cheap ones on the site that break after only a few tosses. Therefore, if you’re looking for durable throwing knives that don’t suck then start with this top 5 list.

Gil Hibben Large Cord Grip – Black

For starters, it’s hard to beat this price for a quality blade these days, and this is definitely a quality blade. It’s not the sharpest out there — which is actually a good thing with throwing knives — but it’s a very well-balanced throwing knife.

They are pretty durable too, and can withstand a good amount of abuse before they start chipping away. The Cord Grip comes in black and that includes the blade as well. It has a blade length of 4-1/4 inches, and an overall length of 8-5/8 inches.  Really a great thrower all around.

If there is a knock on the Gil Hibben Cord Grip, it’s that the cord wrapping can begin to unravel after only a few uses.  But this tends to be true of any throwing knife with a cord-wrapped handle.  Knife #1 sticks good, but then it gets nicked by Knife #2’s blade, and the next thing you know, everything starts to unravel.  If you only throw one knife at a time or throw at multiple targets, it’s not a problem.  But if you throw several knives at one target before retrieving them, then the grip tends to get sliced up by the other knives.  And sometimes they just work loose and start to unravel anyway.

Again, just about every cord grip thrower has this problem.

It’s a shame too, because you can quickly get to love that feature on this knife. Still, there’s plenty to like about this one.  The having that cording come off has a negligible effect on balance, so you may not even notice any difference when throwing the naked blade (I never noticed any difference).  If you prefer, just rewrap it and add some super glue, try “soldering” the ends with a hot nail, or just ditch the cord and wrap the handle with electrical tape.

Bottom line:  it’s a pretty durable little knife, and considering it’s modest size and price, this thrower is a great buy.  And let’s face it — this knife just looks pretty wicked.  Any thrower out there who says that it’s all about performance and that aesthetics don’t matter is a big, fat liar.

It’s sold as a triple set (3 knives) with a nylon sheath on Amazon for under 20 bucks. That’s not bad.  And they come in either black or chrome/silver.  There’s also a smaller version of the silver ones — 6 1/4 inch — but larger knives tend to be last longer (and throw longer), so go with the 8 5/8 inch.

United Cutlery GH2033 Gil Hibben Competition

One thing that is apparent right out of the gate about holding the Competition knife is how much heavier it is from similar-sized throwing knives. You get the feeling that you could throw it through a brick wall with enough elbow grease behind it. They also have a good length.

Together, this makes them great for hitting longer targets without having a crazy rotation on them. The grip is ergonomically designed for a smooth release, and will feel pretty natural in the palm of your hand. It doesn’t have the cord grip, which some people prefer anyway.

It’s all one continuous 420 stainless steel color from tip to handle and has a nice weight to it.  They are 12-1/8 inches long, and the set of three can be tucked away in a sheath. Overall, this set is aptly named Competition, and you’ll find no shortage of YouTube videos displaying people competing at several distances with them.

Kit Rae HellHawk 9 3/4 Inch Throwing Knife

Aesthetically, there is no cooler looking set of throwing knives on the market today. The HellHawk looks like it is straight out of the Medieval days, typical of Kit Rae’s epic collection of fantasy swords and knives.

As for the knife itself, they’ve cut no corners here either.

The leather grip holds together much better than many cord grips do, and this allows it to be more form fitting on your hand over time. The blade is 5-1/8 inches long and is extremely durable to nicks and chipping from miscues. It’s made from an AUS-6 stainless steel that is multicolored along the blade with unique design features, and has brown leather for the grip. For the price, these 3-piece sets are a great score.

Cold Steel Sure Balance

This monster is rock solid at 13 1/2 inches and 18.5 ounces.  The Sure Balance is made of durable 1055 carbon steel and is coated with that baked on, weatherproof, flat black that comes standard on many of Cold Steel’s best pro-quality throwers.

You want to talk about non-breakage…what is there to break?  There are no handle pieces to break off.  No razor thin tips to break off in your target board.  No fancy, decorative anything.  This is one big chunk of sleek, aerodynamic, perfectly balanced steel, and it can take a lot of abuse.  The only thing that’s going to break is your target board or whatever other unfortunate object gets in the way of this knife.

Get some.

Cold Steel Shanghai Shadow

This knife is large and funky. In fact, if you’re used to smaller, cheaper throwers, then this might take some getting used to.

The Shanghai Shadow is actually pretty sharp right from the manufacturer, and that includes both of the edges. The tip of it is simply lethal, and with a good throw sticks every time in all sorts of materials. It’s also extremely resistant to drops or misses that would normally nick up a lesser quality blade.

The blade is made out of 1055 carbon steel and weighs 9.4 ounces.  It has a blade length of 7 inches with the overall length at 13.25 inches, and it also comes in black with a rugged, matching sheath. Overall, this is a great knife to add to your collection.

The polypropylene handle scales are described as “practically indestructible,” but that’s an exaggeration.  They’re not likely to break off just by hitting the target board, though.

So, which of these is the best?

In the end, it really boils down to personal preference.

The Hellhawk has a unique, intimidating look. If you want to throw at longer targets, then the Gil Hibben Competition set is a good way to go. The GH Cord Grip has excellent balance and isn’t too heavy, while the Shanghai Shadow is just nice and big. And for the minimalist, the Sure Balance is as basic as it gets.

Either way, these are five of the best throwing knives you can get online that won’t break after one throw.

Have fun!

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UPDATE —  So You Want Indestructible Throwing Knives?  —  UPDATE

Okay, this was one of my first articles on this site, and I still stand by these knives…they’re good knives.

But my current favorites — as far as heavy duty throwing knives that don’t break easily — are the 3 main throwing knives made by Cold Steel:  the Perfect Balance, the Sure Balance (mentioned above) and the Pro Balance.  These are very rugged throwers.

Carbon Steel Vs Stainless Steel

Many of my first throwing knives were made from stainless steel:  the Boker Magnum Ziel II, the Gil Hibben Cord Grip throwers, and even some cheap Perfect Point and Ridge Runner knives.  However, after trying out a lot of different knives from different manufacturers, I’ve got to say that the most durable throwing knives you can get are going to be fairly large, heavy knives made from carbon steel.  Stainless steel just doesn’t last, not even the heavy stuff like the Ziel.

That’s why I’m gravitating more towards the Cold Steel throwing knives.  Check out the sidebar and read my reviews of these knives.  Cold Steel throwers are typically going to be a lot less expensive than custom/professional throwing knives made by specialty dealers and designers, and they are solid and perfectly balanced for throwing.

If you’re looking for true tactical throwers, then the Cold Steel True Flight, G.I. Tanto, and even the Shangai Shadow (mentioned above) are excellent choices that will last you for hundreds or even thousands of throws before suffering any damage.  But for just recreational throwing, the 3 CS throwers (Perfect Balance, Pro Balance, Sure Balance) are ideal.  As far as finding good quality throwing knives under $30 online, the Cold Steel knives made from 1055 carbon steel are all I buy in that price range nowadays.

If you can afford to go $30 and up per knife, then there are great custom knives from Joe Darrah and Bill Page.  The best commercially made throwing knives might be John Goss’ Dragon Knives I’ve seen on the Throwzini site (I don’t know personally — since I haven’t used them yet — but I trust the guys who oooh and aaah over them).  They aren’t indestructible, but they hold up pretty well, and they’re backed by a lifetime, money-back guarantee.  LIFETIME.  MONEY.  BACK.

So what do you think?  Are there any throwing knives you’ve tried that have proved themselves to be practically indestructible?  Let me know.