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Cheap Throwing Knives Under 10 Dollars — Amazon Rocks!

Zombie Killer Throwing Knives – “Decimator” (Triple Set w/ Sheath)

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Yes, this knife will kill zombies.  I promise.  You have my word.  I personally guarantee it.  And if I’m wrong, it won’t matter because I’ll be dead – or undead – anyway.

Most cheap throwing knives are going to be 6” or less, so it’s pretty cool to see the Decimator measuring in at over 7”.  That’s just enough size to take it seriously.  Blade length is 3 ½”.  Blade thickness is 2.5mm.

The ABS handles are actually pretty unique for throwing knives, with a nice texture and look.  The ones shown here are gray, but you can also find Decimators with neon green handles.  And these aren’t just scales; they’re full-grip handles.  Prices may vary.

The Decimator blade is made from stainless steel with a black finish, silver blade edge and the “Zombie Killer” logo stamped on the blade.

Like all the throwing knives listed here, this 3-piece set comes includes a nylon sheath with slots for each knife and a Velcro strap to hold them in place.


Perfect Point Throwing Knives – TK-019-3 (Triple Set w/ Sheath)

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Okay, you get three 9” throwing knives with a sheath for under ten bucks and free shipping (on Amazon, that is — when you order $25+ of qualified products.  eBay was $15.58).  That’s a really good deal.

These two-tone, black/silver blades are actually very well balanced for throwing, and the blades were slightly sharpened.  You can sharpen them more if you want, or you can easily take the edge off with a few swipes on a stone or sidewalk for safer use.

Useless Trivia

“TK0193” – this knife’s part number – is also the website entry number for Thermococcus kodakaraensis in the genome project in Japan.  This microbial organism was studied off the coast of Kodakara Island, Kagoshima, Japan, where it thrives near volcanic vents on the ocean floor at temperatures in the 200F range.  This information has nothing to do with ninjas or zombies…just genetics research.


United Cutlery Tomahawk Throwing Knives (Triple Set w/ Sheath)

Get them now before the price goes up!

I’ve seen these on Amazon for as low as $2.71…for three knives and a sheath, so yeah, that’s about as cheap as it gets!  Even the “regular” price is under $10.  These knives look pretty good, but understand that they’re only 5 ½ inches long, with a blade length of only 2 ½ inches.  That is really, really small.  A lot of guys buy these in a heartbeat and then are shocked when they open the box.

Small, thin, light stainless steel throwing knives like these are best thrown against soft targets like cork or cardboard.  No…just cardboard.  If you throw them at wood, the tips are going to bend and bounce, and the knife itself may break in half due to the open slots in the handle that weaken the blade’s integrity.

These little guys are best used indoors, just killing time in your bedroom and throwing at pizza boxes.  I wouldn’t even bother throwing them outside beyond a 1 ½ spin distance, since the slightest crosswind would probably make you miss your target completely.


6” Jack Ripper Throwing Knives (Triple Set w/ Sheath)

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Also on the small side are these Jack Rippers.  The design is awesome, very Gil Hibben-ish, but without the trigger on the handle.  They throw very well, even for a small knife, and they aren’t too sharp, so that’s good for little throwers.  Made of 440 stainless steel, so beware bent points.  Throw them at soft targets only and you’re good.

Comes with a black, nylon sheath.


BladesUSA Throwing Knives RC-179-3 (Triple Set w/ Sheath)

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I think you’re going to like these ones, actually.  They look really cool.  They come with a nice, polished finish with a black widow spider graphic printed on the handle.  Trigger grip design like the one favored by master knife designer Gil Hibben.  The blades aren’t too sharp, but watch those tips.  They’re pretty sharp.

These cheap throwing knives are constructed from stainless steel and have a decent overall length of 8 inches.  They also come with a free nylon sheath that holds all three knives.

Gil Hibben Cord Grip Throwers By United Cutlery (And Featured In Hunger Games) Are Pretty Cool Throwing Knives

United Cutlery Gil Hibben Cord Grip Throwers Throwing Knives

The United Cutlery  Gil Hibben Cord Grip Throwers are my favorite throwing knives on the planet – aesthetically.  The moment I saw them online, I knew I had to get them.  They look unbelievably cool.  But once I got them and started throwing them, I realized they were good but not perfect.

But we’ll get to that.

Features & Stats

The GH Cord Grips look badass.  That alone makes it worth the $7 or so per knife.

You’ve got some options on these.

First you’ll choose between the large ones (8 5/8 inches overall, 4 1/8 inch blade length) and the small ones (6 ¼ inches overall, 3 1/8 inch blade length).

If you’re just throwing at pizza boxes, feel free to get the small ones.  If you throw at wood targets or log rounds, or have hands larger than a 9 year-old girl’s, then get the large ones.  But know that any serious knife thrower will consider even the “large” ones to be pretty small anyway.

You’ll also want to consider the color.  The shiny silver ones come in both large and small sizes, but I’ve only seen the black in the large size.  Both come with black cording wrapped around the handle.

The single-edged blade does come slightly sharpened, but it’ll dull over time.  Mine are now about as sharp as a McDonald’s spoon.  Those sharp tips, however, will draw blood, so don’t let your kids play with these knives unsupervised.

They come as a triple set with a nylon sheath that has a little button strap that snaps shut and holds them in there pretty snug.  I’ve read reviews where people complain that the sheath wears out quickly, but mine hasn’t had any problems at all, and I’m starting to question whether those reviews are even legit or were planted by competitors (that shit happens all the time, by the way).

Anyways, the sheath is a lot more durable than the thin ones you get with Ridge Runner throwing knives, but it’s still not leather, so don’t expect it to last forever.


These are Gil Hibben  throwing knives, so you know they throw extremely well.  Very balanced.  Very smooth.  The entire knife is flat and skinny, so you’ll want to use a pinch grip when throwing from the handle.  I tried a hammer grip for several throws, but you know, the release felt weird.

I’ve had consistent sticks up to 2 full spins outdoors.  Further than that and the wind and air resistance really throws it off.  I landed a few 2 ½ spin and 3 spin throws with no wind, but my throwing area gets breezy — so much so that I actually missed my entire target board on a couple throws.  Part of that may be my fault (I’m not a professional or anything), but mostly I think it was just because it’s hard to throw smaller, lighter knives…at a distance…against the wind.


Unless you just started throwing knives yesterday, you already know the cons of this knife.

Drawback #1

The cord grip will not last for more than 50-100 throws.  For at least one of your three knives, it won’t even make it to 50.  I promise.  But it’s cool, because these things look great naked.  There is a little notch or whatever that shows where the cording is supposed to be, but they still look great without the cording (especially the black ones).  Balance is affected by the weight difference, but it’s pretty negligible and not likely to even be noticed by most throwers.  You can always re-wrap it with cord or tape, if you prefer.

Drawback #2

It’s stainless steel, so if you’re throwing at wood targets, the tips are eventually going to bend.  Out of my three blades, one of the tips lasted less than 50 throws, the 2nd lasted over 100 throws, and the 3rd is still looking good (over 200 throws).  So two are now bent at the tip (one is a full 90 degree angle!).

That’s what happens when you throw stainless steel knives at wood targets.  So if this bugs the hell out of you, then just throw against soft targets like cardboard and dart boards.

For the record, United Cutlery throwing knives seem to hold up better than most Ridge Runners and are maybe neck-and-neck with Perfect Point knives.  That’s what I’ve noticed, but if you’ve experienced something different, please share below in the comments.

A Word About Pricing

I got my Hibbies from BudK via Amazon (which was actually cheaper than going straight through BudK, for some reason), and the shipping cost more than the knives!  Hey, it happens.  Some places charge crazy prices for these knives and/or for shipping.  For example, priced them at over 50 bucks!  Not counting shipping!  (Hint:  don’t buy them there).

So keep in mind that some sellers will drop the list price and then jack you on shipping, so sometimes the “cheaper” seller isn’t always cheaper.  Just so you know.

Gil Hibben Large Cord Grip Throwers (black)

(Click image for Amazon pricing and reviews)


Gil Hibben Small Cord Grip Throwers (shown in silver)

(Click image for Amazon pricing and reviews)


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Ninja Stealth Silver Throwing Knives Are Good For Kids And Beginners

Ninja Stealth Silver Throwing Knife

These are your generic, cheap “ninja” throwing knives.  The ones you always see online.  The ones you always considered buying.  They look good enough.  They’re shiny enough.  But you just aren’t sure if they’re worth the money.

Well, they’re cheap, so it’s not like you’re shelling out big bucks.

This set probably costs less than last night’s dinner; and it’ll last longer too.  How much longer?  Well, that depends on how you use them.

Features & Stats

Constructed of 440 stainless steel, the Ninja Stealth throwing knives are a fun, cheap starter knife for kids and beginners.  Overall length is 7 inches; blade length is 2.75 inches, and there is a subtle curve from one end to the other.  There are four circle loops in the handle, but don’t assume that your fingers can fit in those.  They are not finger rings.  This knife isn’t big enough for that.

But it does look cool.

These come as a triple set and include a black nylon sheath.  For under 10 bucks, it’s a pretty good deal.


They are actually pretty well-balanced for throwing.  Since they’re small, thin, and light – and are made of stainless steel – you’re better off throwing them against soft targets.  Several sheets of cardboard glued together makes an ideal target for them.

Small knives like these aren’t made for serious throwing.  For half spin out to maybe 1 ½ spin throwing indoors or with no wind, they’re a lot of fun for kids or beginners.  Serious knife throwers will be disappointed, however.

But don’t make the mistake of thinking these are just toys.  Any throwing knife has the potential to hurt someone, so “play” responsibly, and always supervise your kids when they’re handling them.


They’re cheap stainless steel.

Cheap stainless steel bends and breaks when you throw it against hard things like wood targets or bounce it on concrete driveways.  So just throw them at cardboard and it’s all good.  They’re also small and light, so they bounce back pretty far on bad throws.  Again, throw against cardboard instead of wood, and this problem goes away.

Also, the sheath is nylon, so it’s only going to last so long.

Hey Kids!  Try This At Home!

If you’re buying these little ninja throwing knives for your kids, be sure to run the blades on the sidewalk several times to dull the edge and make them safer to handle.  Don’t worry, throwing knives (the ones for sport) aren’t really supposed to have sharp blades anyways, and dulling them won’t in any way impair their performance.

As long as the tip is sharp enough, it’ll stick.  And if you’re throwing at thick cardboard targets (which I advise with small throwing knives like these), then they might even stick from the handle!  So there’s no need for them to be sharp…

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Throwing Knife Review: Cold Steel Pro Balance Thrower

Cold Steel Pro Balance Thrower ReviewThe Cold Steel Pro Balance Thrower is strong, hefty throwing knife. Its heavy weight and sharp dagger like point combined with its great balance make it quality knife for any thrower.

I’ve seen this knife go for as little as $16.99 on Amazon!

Features & Stats

The knife weighs in at 16.5 ounces. This heavy weight makes it feel great in your hand, and the weight will help it stick solidly in your target. Additionally the knife is 13 ¼ inches long and blade length is 9 inches.

The blade edge will be sharpened already, so don’t assume that it’s dull just because it’s a throwing knife.

You’ll notice right away the similar shape between the Pro Balance and the Sure Balance.  The main difference is the handle. The 4 1/4 inch handle consists of composite plastic scales held in place by screws and is designed to be replaceable.

How do you order replacements?  I have no idea.  You’d think it would be listed as an Add-On on the Pro Balance page on Cold Steel’s site.  But no, they only list the sheath as an add-on.  So after searching unsuccessfully on their site, Amazon, and on the web in general, I contacted Cold Steel and am awaiting a response.


You will give this throwing knife high marks for its durability, its balance, and its solid weight. Overall the knife feels great in the hand and throws accurately with proper balance. Since it’s evenly balanced at the midpoint, it throws well whether you hold it by the blade or by the handle.

Read what other customers say about the Pro Balance


Despite the positives of the knife, there are some concerns with its weather resistant coating and its plastic handle scales.

The baked-on coating gives the Pro Balance a sleek, black look; however, with repeated throws, that coating starts to wear off at the point, leaving the steel exposed to the elements, which over time could cause corrosion.

Additional concerns come from the fact that the handle of this throwing knife is made of a composite plastic which can easily break or crack. The handle is designed to be replaceable — which may account for its lack of durability — but some knife throwers think it still feels cheap.

When those scales break, some guys decide to use the knife without the handle at all; however this throws off the knife’s balance and is just lame.  Either make your own replacements, or order new ones from the manufacturer.

Or, here’s an idea:  stop throwing your knives in your garage or out on your driveway where they are going to bounce all over the concrete.  And maybe start with softer targets on that first day, while you’re trying to find your distances and get a feel for the rotation (like I recommend in the article, “How To NOT Break Your Throwing Knives”).

Overall, the Pro Balance is a great piece for any enthusiast or professional. The merits of the solid weight, good balance, and even rotation more than make up for the minor issues the knife has.

(Click image for Amazon pricing and customer reviews)

United Cutlery GH2033 Gil Hibben Competition Throwing Knives Review

Gil Hibben Competition Triple Set

Throwing knives is a fascinating hobby and you can buy a cheap set of knives anywhere. However, if you want to join a competition then you need to have the perfect knives. When we say perfect, they should not only allow you to hit your target but they must also be long-lasting and keep you from injury. If you are looking for this kind of throwers, then you should check out the United Cutlery GH2033 Gil Hibben Competition throwing knives.

Features and Stats

These United Cutlery knives come in triple set.

Each thrower measures about 12-1/8 inches, weighs 2.4 pounds, and is a one piece construction made from a 420 stainless steel. Their handles are ergonomically designed to allow complete control for throwing. This allows the hand grip of the knife to fit in a natural and proper way for consistency and better accuracy when throwing.

They also come with a good quality leather sheath.


The GH Competition throwers are well-balanced, tough, and heavy. With its weight, the knife can stick in the target just fine without the need to be thrown hard. Its length allows it to fit in the hand comfortably. In addition, they are sturdy, well built, and easier to throw than smaller knives so they are good to be used in training. Furthermore, they can certainly help your improve your skills without getting exhausted at the end of the day. Moreover, they last longer compared to smaller knives so you do not have to buy another set in a short amount of time


However, just like any knife, these ones aren’t perfect.  They’re made from stainless steel, so bad throws and bounces can eventually result in bent or broken tips.  But these throwing knives are pretty big, so they’ll last a lot longer than your 6” generic “ninja” throwing knives.
Overall, the Gil Hibben throwing knives are perfect for competitions.  They have nice length and weight, they’re well-balanced for even rotational throwing, and their design allows for a smooth, consistent release every time.


(Click image for pricing and customer reviews)



Boker Magnum Bailey Ziel II Review: Oh My God, What A Beautiful Throwing Knife!

Ziel II

When your Ziel II arrives and you first lay eyes upon it, the only thought to cross your mind is…

“Oh.  My.  God.”

“Sweet.  Precious Heart of Jesus.  My Lord.”

This is a beautiful knife.  Absolutely stunning.  Even if you never threw it, and all you did was take it out of the box and lay your eyes upon it, caress it, and send it straight into storage…your life would be more complete because of it.

Features & Stats

Boker’s Magnum line of throwing knives has a lot of great designs, and the most popular one I’ve seen is the Ziel II, designed by the legendary John Bailey.  It’s big and sleek.  Long and heavy.

And thick.

Impossibly thick.

This polished 420 J2 stainless steel blade is 7 1/8” in length, and overall it’s 13 1/4 inches.  Weight is 14 ounces, and the blade thickness is a whopping ¼ of an inch.

The handle is inlaid on either side with a row of what appear (in the photos) to be rivets or perhaps eyelet holes, but these holes don’t actually go all the way through the handle, like the ones on most other throwing knives.  They’re more like little pockets.

It comes with a leather sheath with strap.  You can also get it as a triple set with a triple-pocket sheath and save big bucks.

It’s got John Bailey’s signature and caricature engraved on it, along with “Ziel II Designed by JOHN BAILEY.”

Buy the Ziel II on Amazon and get FREE SHIPPING (some restrictions apply: see Amazon for details)


Professional and tournament throwers love this thing, and the reason is obvious: it performs as awesomely as it looks.

The Bailey Ziel II is perfectly balanced for blade and handle throwing, giving it a smooth, even rotation.  The deep long slots along the midline of each side of the blade create a useful guide for aligning your fingertips and giving you a more consistent grip and finger placement on each throw.  That translates into more consistent and accurate throws.


While the blade is not indestructible, it is very durable for a stainless steel knife.  However, it’s not so durable that I can just wrap up this review without talking about it.

Don’t forget that this is stainless steel, and it is susceptible to bending or breaking.  How is this possible with a ¼” piece of metal?  Well, 80% of the knife is that thick, but the last 2-3 inches of the blade taper down to a 1mm tip.

Our Ziel’s tip got slightly bent on the first day, due to some really bad throws and bounces.  Hard wood and stainless steel are a bad combination.  Anyways, hundreds of throws later, it has maintained its strength and shape and that tip hasn’t moved a hair.  But maybe someday we’ll bend it back, I guess.

Do I regret getting the Ziel, even though it got bent?  No way.  Ask anybody who has one.  It’s a sweet throwing knife.

Boker Magnum Bailey Ziel II (single knife with leather sheath)

(Click image for pricing and customer reviews)


Boker Magnum Bailey Ziel II (triple set with leather sheath)

(Click image for pricing and customer reviews)

Cold Steel Perfect Balance Thrower: “Hello, Beastie!”

Cold Steel Perfect Balance Thrower throwing knifeInspired by the classic throwing knife designs of the 50’s, the Cold Steel Perfect Balance is the first throwing knife I ever bought, and it’s my favorite to this day.

And I don’t see it being dethroned any time soon.

I love that beast.  It looks mean.  It throws amazingly well.  It’s rugged too.  And it’s comparable to the other Cold Steel throwers in its class:  the Sure Balance and Pro Balance.  All three of these are big, heavy, well-balanced throwing knives with retro 50’s designs.

Features & Stats

The blade alone is a whopping 9”, with an overall length of 13 ½ inches.  Blade thickness is 5mm, and it weighs in at 15.4 ounces.  Dude, it’s almost a full pound!  You will feel every ounce of that weight, and your target will too!  This is one of the biggest and heaviest commercially avaialable throwing knives on the online market today.

Like the other Cold Steel throwers, this is a full tang knife blade made from hardened 1055 carbon steel, with a flat black, baked-on coating that not only looks badass but also offers some rust protection.

The blade edge is sharp already – and it can be sharpened further – making it useful for more than just throwing.  It’s got a beautiful clip point, and the spine is a straight line all the way to the end of the handle, making it perfect for Thorn-style no-spin throws.

Cold Steel Perfect Balance Thrower Handle ScalesOne of its features – that I wish was available on other throwers – is the way that the PB’s handle scales are not flush to the edge of the handle.

If you look at the G.I. Tanto, its handle scales go all the way back and wrap around.  That looks cool, and it has no negative impact on handheld performance, but for a throwing knife, that’s stupid, because if your throw is off and you hit your target handle-first, there go your handle scales.

But with the Perfect Balance, that carbon steel blade handle actually extends almost 1/2” past the scales, so this way the full tang steel absorbs the impact on a bad throw, instead of the scales taking all that punishment.


Cold Steel Perfect Balance Throwing KnifeClick here to read customer reviews.

The Perfect Balance has a center of balance that is directly at its midpoint, so it deserves its name.  This “perfect balance” point allows for a very consistent, even, and predictable rotation – just what you want in a thrower.  It’s neither blade heavy nor handle heavy, so you don’t have to overthink anything when changing from half-spin distances to full-spin distances.  You just pinch it and throw it the same way, whether throwing from the blade or from the handle.

It’s a durable knife.  After hundreds of throws, there is no bending of the tip at all.  Nothing.  The knife is still perfectly straight from tip to handle, just like the day I bought it.


There are those composite, plastic scales.  I’ve thrown mine hundreds of times with no cracks or breaks at all, but other guys haven’t been so lucky and have broken off the handle scales in no time.  In fact, the manufacturer specifically mentions that they are replaceable, so that’s kind of a bad omen right there.  If I ever break mine, I’ll be sure to do a quick post on how to change those handle scales for all the mechanically challenged knife throwers out there.

Anyway, how is it for tasks besides throwing?

Cold Steel Perfect Balance Thrower Clip PointHonestly, this knife might be a bit too clunky to make an effective tactical knife, and I think its skinny handle and breakable scales limits its value as a heavy-duty survival knife.  Some guys actually use it out in their backyard to hack down shrubs and stuff, so I guess it’s okay, but I think that its non-throwing value is a bit limited. If it’s all you got, then sure.  Use it.  But this would not be my first choice for an all-in-one knife.

The blade edge did lose some sharpness too, and all I did with it was throw it, so…yeah.  Rambo would not approve.

If that makes it mostly just good for throwing, then that ain’t such a bad thing, because it’s still a freaking awesome throwing knife.  That is what it was made for, after all.

I bought my Perfect Balance  for way less than retail.  If you want it and would like to save some money, then you should check it out.

Cold Steel Sure Balance Thrower Review: An Excellent Throwing Knife For Amateurs And Pros

Cold Steel Sure Balance Thrower throwing knife

Cold Steel is a solid brand that is popular with knife throwers — professionals and amateurs alike. The Cold Steel Sure Balance Thrower resembles the 1950s classic throwing knives, from back when the activity was more popular among circus and variety show performers.

Stats & Features

The Sure Balance is made of 1055 carbon steel covered with a black baked on coating that is rust resistant, making it a tough and reliable throwing knife. The blade is 9 inches long and the handle is a bit more than 4 inches making the whole knife a little more than 13 inches long.

The blade thickness is 5 millimeters, and it weighs in at 18.3 ounces.  The blade slims down to a fine tip, so it goes deep into the target object.

You can get a sheath for this model too for an extra 10 bucks or so (sold separately).

Check the lowest price on


Fans of this knife agree that this model is well balanced and releases from the hand like a charm. It’s simply a single chunk of aerodynamic metal, so there is no handle to grip. Most knife throwers agree that this is a positive thing, but if you prefer the feel of a handle, then you might like the Pro Balance Or Perfect Balance better (this knife’s Cold Steel cousins).

If you prefer smaller, lighter knives, then this one is not for you.


Some beginners don’t like it and are kinda scared to throw it LOL, because it can do a lot of damage upon impact, but I think that’s what makes it actually great for beginners (the size and weight part…not the damage part).   That extra “heft” helps it to travel through the air without wobbling in the wind and helps it to stick more easily.  But, to each his own.

If you are looking for a high quality but inexpensive knife that goes back to basics, the Cold Steel Sure Balance Thrower is the perfect choice.

(Click image for pricing and customer reviews)


Cold Steel True Flight Is The Perfect Tactical Thrower

Cold Steel True Flight Thrower the perfect tactical throwing knife

If you are looking for an affordable, yet high-quality throwing knife that offers true tactical value straight out of the box – whether handheld or thrown — the Cold Steel True Flight is the knife you are looking for.

The True Flight is comfortable and perfectly balanced when thrown either from the right or left hand.  It’s a hugely popular throwing knife with more positive customer reviews than any other large throwing knife on Amazon!

No other throwing knife in this price range even comes close.

Features & Stats

The 6 3/4″ blade is made of strong 1055 carbon steel and is 5mm thick. The 5 1/4″ paracord wrapped handle is easy to keep a firm grip on under all conditions, yet it doesn’t interfere with your release when thrown.  As with all Cold Steel throwing knives, this one has that flat, blackened coating that helps to resist corrosion.

The knife weighs 9.7 ounces and fits comfortably in the durable Cor-Ex sheath it comes with.  I would prefer a more rugged, custom shaped EX-sheath, like the ones that come with the awesome tactical G.I. Tanto and the ninja kunai-styled Shanghai Shadow, but oh well.  At least it comes with a sheath, and at least it’s not just a cheap nylon one.

Overall length is 12 inches.


Besides being a great thrower and tactical knife, the True Flight can double as a good all-around, general purpose or survival knife as well, due to its full tang, heavy-duty construction. It is equally useful out in nature; setting traps, cleaning game, or helping to set up camp for the night in your favorite wilderness retreat.

It was designed for heavy general use along with functioning as one of the most effective throwing knives. It also makes an ideal self-defense choice against any attacker or thief. The overall 12″ length will be very intimidating to any would-be assailant, and they’ll certainly rethink what they were planning when confronted by their would be victim wielding this blade.


  1. paracord wrapped handles are prone to unravel
  2. large size for EDC/concealed carry

Obviously, there’s the paracord-wrapped handle grip.

If this was just a utility knife or handheld tactical knife, the cording would probably stay on just fine and not really be a problem.  But throwing knives with cord-wrapped handles are notorious for losing their cording.  This usually happens when practicing with multiple knives, as the cords get nicked when subsequent knives are thrown and bang into the knives that are already stuck in the target.

So obviously, when you are throwing multiple True Flight throwers, be sure to use multiple targets — one for each knife — that way your risk of slicing off the paracord is non-existent.  That’s what most serious throwers are probably doing already, but if you’re new to this, you might not have thought of the practical reasoning behind having multiple bullseyes on your target board.

Now, unike the Gil Hibben Cord Grip Throwers (which I LOVE-love), this paracord is much thicker and more durable, so some users report theirs lasting a long time.  But that seems to be the exception rather than the rule.  As for my own True Flight?  I’ve had mine for close to two years now, and that paracord is still wrapped as tight as the day I bought it.  No complaints here.  🙂

Customizing Your True Flight Paracord Handle And Blade

Mr. Knifefighter on YouTube (above) loves modifying his knives, and his solution was to remove the woven paracord, add lightweight handle scales, and then rewrap it super tight.  This gives him a handle with better grip and better duraility.  He also sharpened the blade, which is going to be a good idea whenever you buy a throwing knife and mod it for tactical purposes.  Cold Steel knives — even their throwing knives — typically come sharp already, but any throwing knife is going to need a little sharpening from time to time if you want it for more than just backyard entertainment.

One other drawback – if it can truly be called that – is the 12” overall length.  That’s kinda big for a concealed carry knife.  This knife used to be made a couple inches shorter, but in recent years it was lengthened to its current size.  If you love the design but prefer the shorter, original version, you’d probably have to shop around on eBay or try asking around on forums to see if anybody has one they want to sell.

(UPDATE:  Cold Steel released a new line of “Sport” throwing knives more or less based on the True Flight’s design.  So if you want something similar to the True Flight – only smaller – then check out the new Mini Flight.)


The Cold Steel G.I. Tanto Is One Of The Best Tactical Throwing Knives Online

Cold Steel GI Tanto Tactical Throwing Knife

Knives come in all shapes and sizes. The  G.I. Tanto (AMZN# B004H9DO4Y), produced by popular knife manufacturer Cold Steel, is about as durable and sharp as the best of them. Though some die-hards are easily put off by the “Made in China” stamp on the front of the knife, at its core this is a $60 knife at less than half the price. If you’re looking for an affordable throwing knife that’s good for all-around utility and tactical purposes, this is it.

Buy the G.I. Tanto tactical throwing knife today on Amazon at a bargain price!

Stats & Features

The GI Tanto has a decent amount of weight to it (10.6 ounces). The 7″ tanto blade is made out of extremely dense 1055 carbon steel, and the overall length is 12 inches. The blackened blade coating is also rust resistant and made to last.  Blade thickness is 4mm.

Like most Cold Steel knives, this one comes pretty sharp, right out of the box. The carbon-steel blade may require a little maintaining from time to time, but that’s expected with this material.

That said, the knife also comes with a quality EX sheath and Velcro/button straps (on the beltloop) that make it the complete package.

The Cold Steel EX sheaths really are awesome.  First, they look pretty amazing.  It’s only plastic, but it looks pretty hardcore, and it’s more durable than any nylon sheath.  Plus, your knife locks in tight, even without the button strap snapped around the handle.  Once you have this sheath, you’re going to be disappointed with all your other ones.

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In terms of usage, the G.I. Tanto is good for utility, survival and tactical purposes. Naturally, a knife like this is a tool. It can just as easily be used to chop onions as it can be used to hack branches off trees.

The tip holds up well in throwing practice sessions, and the handle scales aren’t likely to break off unless you’re throwing additional knives at the same target after the GIT is already in place…or you really suck at throwing knives and always hit handle first.  And of course, if you’re throwing at targets on your concrete driveway, any knife may sustain damage with repeated bounces.  But this thing is as durable as any other high quality throwing knife out there.

This is one bad ass tactical throwing knife!

It’s balanced right where the handle and blade meet, right at the guard — as opposed to a perfectly balanced throwing knife with a balance point right at the midpoint.  So it’s not technically perfect for throwing.

But I don’t mind a bit.  It’s a lot of fun to throw, whether from the blade or the handle.  Some guys don’t like to throw it from the blade since it’s pretty sharp.  I don’t get that.  Are they using a hammer grip or what?  I just use a pinch grip with the sharpened edge facing out, and there’s never been a problem.


The only real drawback to this knife is that the composite handle scales may feel a little slippery, especially when wet. Handling it without gloves may result in you feeling a little disoriented due to the feel of the material. This smoothness is actually good for a thrower, allowing for a smooth, consistent release but under adverse survival conditions, it could be a nuisance.

As a throwing knife, the Cold Steel G.I. Tanto actually works very well, and it’s moderately heavy.  As you’d expect, the weight means that it sticks hard when thrown properly. Unlike throwing knives made purely for sport, a good tactical throwing knife should also be sharp, and if there’s one thing this knife is, it’s sharp. Plenty of imitator knives may work in making the buyer think they’re the real deal, but this knife speaks for itself in terms of quality, construction, durability and reliability.

Whether for sport or survival, the G.I. Tanto is a great all-around tactical throwing knife.

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