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Cold Steel Recommits To American Made Products

Hey everyone,

I know this won’t matter to some folks, but it means a great deal to me and many other Americans.

I just got an email from Cold Steel President Lynn C. Thompson in which he announces that the company is revamping many of its manufacturing processes and moving Cold Steel forward with some great new changes.

So be expecting more American materials to go into Cold Steel knives and other weapons and tools.  They’re also creating a new logo and a new motto, “Anytime. Anywhere.”

coldsteel new logo


I kinda like that 😉

Thompson also mentioned some upcoming collaborations with Andrew Demko and Steven Seagal (oh, hellz ya).  So I can’t wait to see what that’s all about.

I wanted to quote his email at length, so here ya go…

Many of our established and popular knives are undergoing rolling changes to new American made materials.

Cosmetically, they may only have minimal changes, though their performance levels will be even higher than ever!

How to spot the new 2015 models:

  • Check SKUs or part numbers. These new models will have new codes. See chart below.

  • New coatings. Some of our new items have upgraded from the matte black Tuff-Ex finish, to a rich glossy DLC (Diamond Like Coating). This new coating is not only far more durable, but it looks great too! An easy way to spot this is that the grind lines on the blades are now clearly visible through the DLC.

  • Check the blade etch*. Our new items will feature an updated etch on the blade which states the steel used. Many of the Japanese AUS8A models will now feature American XHP or BD-1 steels.

Sounds pretty good, huh?  I’ll keep an eye out for whether they’ll be making any changes to their line of throwing knives and let you know if I hear anything.  Perhaps we’ll be having some knew throwing knife reviews coming up soon in 2015.

And I do apologize that I still haven’t tried out the new Sport line of throwers that came out last year.  I have nowhere to throw right now.  We were hoping to have moved into a new home by now (one with a back yard bigger than my butt) but that has yet to happen.

Oh man, and I also got some sweet throwers from Patrick at Flying Steel last year and have yet to review them.  That’s really irritating me.  I really need a place to throw.

Anyways, talk to you soon.

Interview With Knife Thrower “Fast Action Blades” On Youtube

Note:  This is an email interview with Shane from the YouTube channel “Fast Action Blades.”  Shane was one of the first guys I made friends with on YouTube when I got into throwing knives, and he was my first follower on my knife channel, so it was a no-brainer to ask him to do the first interview on my knife throwing blog.

If you don’t already know Shane, he’s a cool guy (as you’re about to find out) and a good knife thrower (as you’ll see in his videos).  I’ve had fun watching his videos and chatting with him, and I’m sure you will too!

Be sure to sub him on YT and say, “Hi” for me!

1.  How long have you been into knife throwing? How did you first get into it? What were your first throwing knives? Do you still have those first blades?

I have been interested in knife throwing and anything martial arts and self-defense related for as long as I can remember.  Probably since about age 7 or 8.  I actually used to throw really cheap dollar store pocket knives at cardboard in my basement around the age of 8 or so (without any proper style or equipment).  My first real throwers were no namers from a flea market that were purchased probably around the age of 18.  I never even got to use them until about a year ago and I am now 34.  That’s a long time to collect dust.  I still have the set and they are pretty decent for short distance throws (1/2 spin and full spin).  Anything beyond that range is a little iffy.

2. How did your family and friends react to your new hobby in the beginning, and what do they think about all of it today?

Family members thought that I was crazy at first and didn’t understand the enjoyment that I got from throwing bladed weapons.  My parents are really supportive of it and I am trying to get my dad to throw with me more often (I think he’s starting to like it).  Plus it’s an excellent way for us to bond.  My wife is really cool about it as well, I keep coming home with new weapons and she hasn’t said too much about it.  I am trying to get her to throw with me a little more as well.  So it’s really just the wife’s side of the family that feels that knife throwing is “stupid” and “dangerous”.  Oh well, don’t really care what they think.  Ha Ha.

3. What knives were your favorites in the beginning? What knives are your favorites today? What knives are on your wish list? Do you have certain favorite knives for different throws, or are your favorites good for all kinds of throws?

My favorite knives in the beginning had to be Perfect Point which were around 9 inches in length.  Since then I have stepped it up to 12-14 inch knives and now my favorites are the Cold Steel True Flight Thrower, Cold Steel Perfect Balance Thrower, Cold Steel Shanghai Shadow, and I recently picked up the 14 inch Condor Dismissal which I absolutely love.  The knives that I would like to get are more of the Condor Dismissals as I only picked up 1 as a test.  I want to get a couple knives from known knife makers such as Roger Mumford of EpicBladeTime, and a couple others like Joe Darrah and Rob Crozier.  As for using different knives for different throws, I think the Cold Steel are great for spin throws, I think they are too sharp for throwing with no spin.  I really like the condor as you can spin it, no spin it, overhand, underhand, even spear throw.  Highly recommend the Condor.

4. How much money have you spent on this stuff so far (knives, targets, instructional materials, memberships/fees, etc)?

If I answer this, my wife might see it and get mad at how much I am spending on blades.  I make my own targets so there is not much expense there, but I love to get new blades very often.

5. Have you ever competed? Any plans to compete in the future?

I have not had the chance to compete.  Not many competitions close to where I live.  I would love to compete and meet some great throwers but it is tough with my job and current family situation.  I have been invited by fellow throwers to the world championships in Texas and I got an invite to the Cold Steel Challenge but I don’t think it will be possible to attend, at least this year.

6. How much do you throw per day or per week, on average?

I wish I threw daily, that would be awesome.  I hear stories of guys throwing 5000 throws a day, I would be happy with a couple hundred.  I probably throw on average of 2-4 hours a week which doesn’t feel like enough to me.

7. Do you make your own wood targets? About how long does a target board last you?

I do make my own targets, I made one for home and one that is portable that I keep in my trunk.  In order for me to throw outside, I have to travel a good bit and hike out into the woods.  It can be a bit of a pain but it’s worth it.

8. Did you ever hurt yourself — or anyone else — with your throwing knives? Ever damaged anything from a bad throw (or a good one hahaha).

I have hurt myself on a couple occasions with knives flying back at me, but it was my own stupidity.  I like to think I can catch the knives when they bounce back in my direction.  I stabbed my hand with one and cut a finger pretty good with another.  Nothing major though.  As for damaging other things, I have only damaged my own blades.  I have taken a good chip out of the handle on my SOG Tomahawk, I have broken a knife by hitting the butt end of another, and I have broken another bowie knife that was not meant to be thrown.  I think that’s it.

9. Are there any knife throwers that have had a big influence on you? Any heroes, mentors, or friends that you’ve learned from or been inspired or encouraged by?

Yes, Pat Minter and Roger Mumford have been a big influence.  I love their throwing and I aspire to be as good as they are (good luck to me).  I am pretty much self-taught but I watch these guys regularly which helps me learn new throws and gives me new ideas for original throws.

10. How did you come up with the name “Fast Action Blades”?

I uploaded some throwing videos on my other channel on youtube (greengetter), and someone gave me the idea to start a channel strictly for my throwing and blade activities.  I thought this was a good idea but I needed a name that would go along with what I am doing.  I think I thought about it for about 10 seconds and Fast Action Blades was the first thing that came to mind.  I was surprised how fast I came up with the name but I thought that it suited me nicely.  Then I went to make my avatar and my nickname FAB was born.  It worked out very well.

11. Which of your own videos are your favorites? Is there one that you’re most proud of?

I like all of my videos, I think if you were to watch all my videos from the first one to the last, you would see a huge improvement.  I do like my newer videos better as I don’t seem as nervous in front of the camera plus my skills have improved.  As for a video that I am most proud of, I think my tutorials on how to throw and how to make a target as they are geared to help others improve.

12. Any tips or advice you’d be willing to pass along to those new to the sport?

I think persistence is key, if you are not sticking the knife, keep trying, it will happen.  I have days where I can’t stick anything and I am sure that I am not the only one.

I would highly recommend reading “Knife Throwing:  A Practical Guide” written by Harry K McEvoy.  This is a great book for anyone looking to learn or improve their skills.  It will teach you everything you need to know.

Thank you very much for interviewing me, it has been fun answering these questions and I hope we can do it again in the future.

Fast Action Blades
Click here to check out Fast Action Blades on YouTube…

Shane Meyer A.K.A. Fast Action Blades (FAB)

Knife Tag Game On Youtube – You’re It!

Empty Threats 42 plays Knife Tag on YouTube
Empty Threats 42 starts a game of “Knife Tag” on YouTube

In June 2013, YouTube knife thrower EmptyThreats42 started a game of “Knife Tag.”  He taped the names of three of his knife throwing friends on YouTube onto wood targets and threw three knives.  Whoever’s name gets stuck by a knife is “it.”  Well, he stuck all three bullseyes — tagging Fast Action Blades, Epic Blade Time, and Redline Bo — and the game of Knife Tag had begun!  Then those guys made their own videos and tagged other knife throwers, and so on.

To make it more challenging, whoever gets tagged has to do a different throw than the previous guys.  We started by throwing from different distances, but that will only allow for so much variation.  Perhaps as the game evolves, we may start doing trick shots or just start a new game.

Below are links to Youtube videos of all the knife throwers who have been playing along.  Thanks to ET42 for starting this whole thing, and thanks also to all the guys who’ve been playing the game and dragging their friends into it!

As more videos pop up, I will add to this list.  Please let me know if I’ve missed any…

UPDATE:  Some of the vids have since been deleted.  Sad face 🙁

PS. – You’ll also want to check out the post:  5 Backyard Knife Throwing Games By Your Favorite Youtubers


Knife Tag Game Participants

Empty Threats 42

Fast Action Blades

Redline Bo

(video deleted)

Epic Blade Time

(Deleted due to messed up audio.  Maybe Roger will redo?)



Redline Bo


Empty Threats 42



Fast Action Blades


TheCombat KnifeThrower



5 Backyard Knife Throwing Games By Your Favorite YouTubers

Hey everyone, I wanted to do kind of a shoutout to some of the guys on YouTube that I follow, so I decided to link up some of their videos here in this post about knife throwing games.

When you first start out throwing knives, just getting them to stick in your target – anywhere in your target – is enough to put a smile on your face.  But as you get better at throwing, sometimes you want to start challenging yourself, so a lot of guys play games like these as a way of developing their accuracy while having fun at the same time.

If you’ve been getting bored with simply trying to get bullseyes, then give some of these knife throwing games a try to break the monotony and take your skills to the next level.

 Texas 3-Step – Mike “Alamo” Bainton

The “Texas 3-Step” was the first knife throwing game I ever learned about, and Michael Bainton is the first knife thrower on YouTube that I ever subscribed to.  So it just makes sense to me to include him here.

Texas 3-Step
Video – Michael Bainton demonstrates the Texas 3 Step

Mike is an incredible thrower and a pretty awesome human being too.  He’s the president of the International Knife Throwers Hall Of Fame and holds multiple world championship titles in knife throwing.  Check out his YouTube channel.  He’s got tons of knife videos, and you’re sure to learn something from the guy.

So the way you play the Texas 3-Step is that you’re going to throw 3 knives from your 1 spin distance, then 3 knives from 2 spin, then 3 knives from 3 spin.  And each time you throw, you’re going to draw the knife from your sheath and throw.  It’s not a quickdraw, there’s no rush — but it’s draw-and-throw…draw-and-throw…draw-and-throw.

So that’s it.  It gives you a method and a routine and a goal.  How many bullseyes can you hit out of nine throws?

Climbing The Mountain – Pat “The Machine” Minter

This is another Texas favorite from another world champion knife thrower – Pat Minter.  It’s definitely not a game for beginners, unless your target is 6 feet tall like mine is =)

VIDEO - Pat Minter plays Climbing The Mountain
VIDEO – Pat Minter plays Climbing The Mountain

When climbing the mountain, the idea is to stick your knife as low on your target as possible on your first throw, and then move up slightly with each successive throw.  If your knife sticks lower than your last throw, then you’re done (you’re supposed to be climbing UP the mountain…not sliding DOWN the mountain).  So see how many sticks you can get before running out of room at the top (or defaulting by “tumbling down the mountain”).

After each stick, Pat shoves a golf peg in there to mark the spot that he has to beat on the next throw.  Whatever works, right?

Hostage – Epic Blade Time

VIDEO - "Hostage" by Epic Blade Time
VIDEO – “Hostage” by Epic Blade Time

Roger came up with this one, and it’s pretty fun.

You’ll need two playing cards for your targets – perhaps a queen and a joker?  Place them one in front of the other on your target board, with the rear card sticking out a little to the side.

So basically, the card in front is your hostage, and the one hiding behind the hostage is your target.  See if you can take out the bad guy without hitting the hostage!

Sorry, but decapitating civilians will not be tolerated.

HighTower Fast Draw (6 Steps) – Redline Bo

I learned this one from Bo McNees, but Bo actually learned it from Canadian thrower Ward Wright.  It’s kind of like the old time pistol duels, except you use a knife…and it’s just you.

VIDEO - RedlineBo plays HighTower FastDraw
VIDEO – Redline Bo plays HighTower FastDraw

Begin with your knife in its sheath and your back against your target board.  Then, keeping your arms out at your sides, take six steps forward, counting out each one as you go.  “One…Two…Three…”  On your sixth step, quickly spin around while drawing your knife, and then just chuck that sucker at your target.

If you’re throwing with a friend, have him or her start a stopwatch on “Six” and stop it the instant your knife hits the target.  The fastest time wins (assuming you both stick the target).

You may need to practice and adjust your stride a little to find your proper 6-step distance.  Since you’re drawing from the handle, that’ll likely be a 1-spin throw, pardner.

Knife Tag – Empty Threats 42

This next game is actually more of a YouTube community thing, started a couple weeks ago (late June 2013) by youtuber EmptyThreats42.

VIDEO - Empty Threats 42 plays Knife Tag on YouTube
VIDEO – Empty Threats 42 plays Knife Tag on YouTube

What he did is he set up three targets with the name of a fellow YouTube knife thrower as the bullseye on each target.  Then he threw a knife at each one from a 1-spin distance, and whoever he stuck…that person was “it” and would then do the same thing by making a “Knife Tag” video on his own channel.  Well, ET42 is a good thrower, so he stuck all three – FastActionBlades, RedlineBo, and EpicBladeTime.  Those three guys then went on to do their own “knife tag” videos.

One twist to make it more challenging…when you get tagged, try to use a different distance than the previous guys.  So ET42 did 1 spin, Bo did 3 spin, FAB did 1.5 spin, I think Hathegkla is gonna throw no spin at a 2 spin distance, etc…

Check out my “Knife Tag Game” post under the COMMUNITY section (in the sidebar) for links to all the knife tag videos.

What’s Your Favorite Knife Throwing Game?

How about you?  Do you have any favorite real-life throwing knife games?  Link up in the comments section below!