Can I Throw Throwing Knives In My House And What Type Of Knife Is Safe For Indoors?

If we’re just talking about throwing knives in your bedroom from less than 10 feet away, then sure it’s okay to do, unless you’re a minor and it’s not technically your house.  But if your parents are okay with it, then go and have fun with it.

Here are a few things to keep in mind…

5 Tips For Throwing Knives Indoors

  1. Get your parents’ (or spouse’s) approval first.  Remember, it’s their house too.
  2. Use cardboard targets (or thick cardboard over wood targets) to reduce bounce back and noise.
  3. Use pure cardboard for small, lightweight throwing knives (5-7 inches) and wood with cardboard in front for larger knives.  That way your big knives won’t travel straight through your cardboard and into the bedroom wall.
  4. And speaking of walls…don’t use your wall as a target board.  Not cool.
  5. Keep the area behind, in front of, and around your target board free of fragile items, pets, etc.

Check out these videos from Youtubers who enjoy throwing knives indoors.  Accidents happen, so be very careful when throwing knives, especially if you choose to throw indoors against wood targets.


Xolette — Sad face at the last 10 seconds…

xolette indoor knife throwing




Fast Action Blades — Lucky, dude.  So lucky…

Fast Action Blades - Blade Blooper 5 Youtube video