Best Small, Cheap Throwing Knives For Indoors

(Note: the knives are down at the bottom…)

When choosing throwing knives to use indoors, smaller is usually better. There are two reasons for this:

  1. You have limited space to set up your targets
  2. You have limited space for throwing

Short Distances

Small, short throwing knives spin faster than longer knives, which makes them ideal for indoor use, throwing from short distances. Also, their lighter weight makes them flutter and blow off course more easily when thrown outdoors, even with only a slight breeze or no breeze at all. So again…that doesn’t make them worthless. It just means that they perform better when thrown indoors at shorter distances.

Cardboard Targets

You can throw them at wood targets, but the tips aren’t going to last that long if you do, especially if throwing along or against the grain (e.g. long 2×4 targets), as opposed to throwing head-on into the grain (e.g. log rounds).

Better to use fairly small but thick cardboard targets with a sturdier backing (some kind of thin sheet wood). The backing will prevent the heavier knives from penetrating all the way through the cardboard sheets and into your bedroom drywall, and the layers of cardboard will grab onto the knives and prevent them from bouncing all over the place and breaking stuff. Even most of your bad throws will still sink in and stick to the target board.

A pizza box sized target board is perfect for indoor knife throwing.

How To Throw Small Throwing Knives

Pinch grip.

Google it.

Or…you can watch this video. It’s old, but he does a pretty good job of explaining the technique…

Stainless Steel Construction

They’re mostly made of cheap stainless steel. Some have a black painted finish, while some are shiny and polished. Some have cheap cord wrapped grips (which is more for show than performance) that is likely to fall off before long haha. Don’t worry, they’ll still throw just fine.

Sheaths Included

All the knives I’ve included in this article come with a nylon sheath that either attaches to your belt or to your wrist. Like the knives, the sheaths themselves are pretty cheap material and will probably start wearing out eventually. But they’ll do a good job of holding your knives for you when you’re not throwing them.


Just a quick warning: these knives do have a sharpened edge to them, so be careful when handling them. You can swipe them along a concrete sidewalk to dull the edges if you prefer.

Small, Cheap & Fun

Prices are subject to change, but at the moment, all the knife sets on this list come in at under $3 per knife, with some priced under $2 per knife. So if you want cheap…well…that’s cheap. These knives are all 7 inches and under as well, so don’t have any illusions here…these are not high quality knives for serious knife throwing practice…not by any means.

They’re just small, lightweight, cheap throwing knives.

That’s it.

So when you bust out a set of these guys, don’t be thinking, “Knife Throwing World Championships this summer.” Instead think, “bar room dart board after work this Friday.” That’s more the vibe we’re going for with little throwing knives like these.

The bottom line is that these throwing knives are small, light and cheap. They’re not intended for serious competitors or real-life combat. Rather, they’re perfect for just having a little fun, that’s all. So you can still have a lot of fun with these little knives, hanging out in the garage with a few friends or just killing time by yourself in your room.

5 ¾” Thunder Bolt Throwing Knives (Triple Set)

5” – 6” Ridge Runner Lightning Throwing Knives (6 Piece Mixed Set)

6” Jack Ripper Throwing Knives (Triple Set)

6.5” Ninja Stealth Black Kunai (Triple Set)

7” Ninja Stealth Silver Throwing Knives (Triple Set)