Batarang! Batman Throwing Knives Disappearing?

Hey, what happened to all those unofficial Batman throwing knives (also called, “Batarangs” or “Bat Wings”) that used to be sold on Amazon, HeavenlySwords, and elsewhere?  I can’t find them anywhere online.  I wouldn’t be surprised if some of those knock-offs surfaced on ebay eventually, but I’ve checked several of the main e-commerce knife and weapon sites, and I’ve followed the links from image searches — nada.

UPDATE 07/01/2013:  I just found some on Amazon for like $5!  They disappeared a few weeks ago!  Most of the models that were available in the past are still not for sale anywhere, but I just found these today.  Buy them before they get removed again!

HARD TO FIND!!! Buy NOW before Amazon is forced to remove them again!!!

Buy Batman Batarang Pocket Knives HERE.

Were they just cheap unlicensed, unauthorized products or something like that?  Are they illegal to sell now?  Some of them obviously were, and I’m assuming a lawsuit is behind their disappearance.  Were kids getting hurt throwing them and their parents threatening to sue the Batman franchise or what?  Or maybe it was just a crackdown on unlicensed merchandise?

Does anybody know what’s going on?

batman throwing knives  batarang


UPDATE 06/22/2013:  I have spotted some at my local swap meet.  There’s a vendor there that sells tons of knives, and they had a couple sets of unofficial Batman throwing knives.  They just had the Batman symbol on them or said “Batwing.”  No trademark on them.  Total knockoffs (but I really wanted them).  When I have a little more cash, I’m gonna go back and buy them, because they won’t be around for long, I’m sure…

Legit Batarang and Batman Pocket Knife

Anyways, you can still find the official Batman pocket knivespocket knives — all over the place, but understand that these little folding knives aren’t designed to be actual throwing knives.  Of course, since they’re double-bladed, they shouldn’t have the same balance issues that a single-bladed pocket knife would have, so it’s possible that they’d make better throwers than regular pocket knives would.  But I’m not about to test one just so I can see how many throws it takes to break it.

I’m sure it’s a fine pocket knife, but there are certainly other pocket knives that offer greater tactical value.

If you’re one of the zillions of fans of the Dark Knight, then obviously these folders have cool, collectible value.  They come in a TON of colors and sizes too, if you’re interested.  Here are some of them.  I LOVE the desert camo one…

Also available in other colors and sizes…

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…and perhaps others???