Assassins Creed Brotherhood Dozen Throwing Knives – 6 Inch

assassins creed


These throwing knives from the Assassin’s Creed video game series are a must have item for gamers and throwers alike.  If you are a fan of the game, then you will want to get these.  They aren’t expensive at all, and crap – YOU GET 12 KNIVES AND A CASE!!!

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Features & Stats

assassins creed throwing knives artwork on handleAs the name suggests, this set consists of 12 throwing knives!  Overall length is just 6”.  Blade length is half that.  The knives are constructed from 440 stainless steel, and they have the Assassin’s Creed artwork painted on the handle and centerpoint of the knife.

They can be sharpened if you want, but there’s really no need for that.  Actually, if you just throw knives for fun, then the edges shouldn’t be sharp anyways.

Set comes with a black folding nylon carrying case that neatly stores away each knife in its own pocket.


assassins creed dozen throwing knives nylon caseThese small throwing knives are pretty well-balanced for consistent throws.  You’ll want to use a pinch grip on them, even when throwing from the handle, due to their small size and thin design.  It’s nice that you get 12 knives – no more walking back and forth across the yard to retrieve your knives every 5 seconds.

The points are sharp enough for wood targets or cardboard, but I wouldn’t recommend throwing against wood, as they can easily bounce back on bad throws.  Stick with thick cardboard targets or similar materials.


They’re only 6 inches long and are fairly light, so throwing outdoors can be tricky if it’s windy or if you’re attempting distances beyond 2 spin.

They’re also made of thin, stainless steel, so throwing them at wood targets like 2x4s and plywood will bend the tips pretty quickly.  They’ll last a lot longer if you just stick with cardboard targets.

One more issue is that the artwork is not baked in or anything.  It can wear off with lots of use, so just be ready for that.

All things considered, a dozen well-balanced throwing knives with a carrying case for under 20 dollars is a pretty good deal. If you like them, then just buy them!

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