Are There Throwing Knives That Don’t Spin?

Somebody came to my site searching on Google for “throwing knives that don’t spin,” so I figured I’d answer the question…

“Are there throwing knives that don’t spin?”



Yes and no.

It’s not really about the knife; it’s actually the way you hold it and throw it.  There are some throwing knives that are better than others for no-spin throwing techniques, but there’s no such thing as a “no-spin” knife (i.e. one that magically doesn’t spin when you throw it).  All knives will spin when you throw them, but if you practice so-called “no-spin” techniques, you can cause them to rotate so slowly in flight that they don’t seem to spin at all and travel straight to the target like a spear.

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Okay, well it turns out that there actually is a knife that is designed to be thrown like a spear and travel point-first all the way to the target, and it doesn’t require hundreds of hours to master the throwing technique.  In fact, this knife’s unique design makes it incredibly easy to throw without spin with minimal practice.

It’s a Spanish thrower called a “Gyro Dart,” and there’s a folding pocket-knife version called the “Gyro Pocket”  (check it out on YouTube).

gyro dart

Many thanks to Christian Thiel for telling me about this one.  He has a review of it RIGHT HERE on his website.

While you’re there, be sure to spend some time snooping around on the rest of Christian’s site too. is a huge, valuable resource for knife throwing enthusiasts.  You’re gonna like it there!