Are Folding Knives Good For Throwing?

photo: SOG Trident folding tactical knife


As much as I’d like to just stop there, it seems kind of rude, so I’ll stretch this out a bit.

I know that a lot of people actually ask this question, because I see that come up in Google sometimes. Plus…I think we all had the thought cross our mind at least once.  If you love to throw knives, you just can’t hold a folding tactical knife in your hand without having the urge to throw it and see how it handles.

Well, the short answer is…NO, folding knives suck for throwing.  They are horribly unbalanced for rotational or spin throwing.  And for no spin throwing?  Well…maybe that’s a little less awkward than spin throwing.  But still.  The handles have all kinds of bumps and grooves and studs and clips and texture all over them, and that is going to impact your release.

But the main reason folding knives suck for throwing is simply that they aren’t designed for throwing.  That hinge is going to take a lot of abuse, even when you stick your target.  But on those bounces?  Ouch.  You can count on your lock being shot to hell.  Plus, the blade is probably thin and hard and is likely to break fairly easily, especially if it’s stainless steel (and most of them are).

Now if you’re interested in throwing a folder for self-defense reasons…well, that’s still not your best move.  If you want to be good at throwing folding knives, then you have to practice throwing them a lot.  And that means you’re going to ruin a lot of perfectly good folding knives.  Pretty much the only effective distance for throwing a folding knife would be from less than 6 feet — basically half spin distance.  In a tactical situation, you might as well just close the distance and do it right.

Okay, I tried to be nice and civil and all, but I’m getting bored with that.


If it’s a self-defense situation…you’ll miss or if you get extremely lucky and somehow manage to stick the guy, it won’t do much damage.  But it’ll sure piss him off…AND it’ll give him a deadly weapon, and he will freakin’ kill you with it!

Okay.  Sorry.

It’s just that common sense tells you that it’s a really stupid idea.  Anyone who actually throws knives will tell you that.  Yet every month there are people all around the world googling “how to throw a pocket knife”.

It’s just a bad idea.

And if you’re in a confrontation that isn’t life and death yet, throwing that knife — or even pulling it out — will instantly escalate that situation into something that you are going to regret.

But what if you just want to throw your pocket knife at wood targets for fun?


Knife throwing is a lot more fun when you use actual throwing knives.

Go buy some.